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A Latvia Woman Plastic Surgery Just To Look Like A “Mini Mini Sex Doll”

Many people who are obsessed with dolls will buy more Mini Sex Dolls to satisfy their hobbies, and the highest goal of all Mini Sex Doll makers is to create a more realistic Mini Sex Doll that is so realistic that it cannot be distinguished from a real person.

Since the emergence of Mini Sex Dolls, the factory that makes Mini Sex Dolls has gone to great lengths to develop more realistic skin, hair, eyes, stronger joint structures, the functions of sound and heating, and the additional functions of AI in today’s intelligent age. All these efforts and research are to imitate people in life, but a woman from Latvia has made an unexpected operation.

30-year-old Victoria Wilder spent her boyfriend’s $50,000 for cosmetic surgery and became what she called the “perfect adult doll.” From the age of 25, Victoria began to perform operations on the chest, buttocks, lips, nose, and other parts to make herself a living Mini Sex Doll.

Victoria said that when she was a child, living in a small village in her hometown of Latvia, she had a desire to imitate lifelike Mini Sex Dolls. She said: “I like the look of human-like Mini Sex Dolls and their perfect appearance. They are so bright and sexy and bold. This is an indelible impression in my mind.”

From the beginning, she will find many pictures of Mini Sex Dolls on the Internet, outline their appearance, and paint them various clothes and shapes. After adulthood, she began to learn to make up, and through that magical makeup technique, she dressed herself up and made herself look like a Mini Sex Doll. But none of these can satisfy her, just like her pursuit of art is the ultimate, she began to have a bold idea, that is, why can’t she “become” a Mini Sex Doll?

Fortunately, she found a boyfriend who was willing to pay for the operation. His name is Simon, and he is a successful Italian businessman and a collector of Mini Sex Dolls. He has been looking forward to the progress of the Mini Sex Doll industry, hoping to create dolls that are infinitely close to people in the future. Victoria’s ideas have given him new inspiration.

According to Victoria after the operation, his boyfriend Simon likes her to imitate a life-size Mini Sex Doll and said that she will continue to transform herself. She said: “I am conscious now. I am a Mini Sex Doll who walks on my own. Simon is proud of the online attention I get.”

If no one else has such a bold and surprising idea in the future, Simon can claim to be the owner of the most authentic Mini Sex Doll in the world. However, is Victoria now the Mini Sex Doll closest to humans, or is it the closest person to Mini Sex Dolls?


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