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A Material That Can Breathe Real Mini Sex Doll


Dolls are strictly passive. It has inertial force. If you are not careful when wearing it, you risk running your real Mini Sex Doll arm on the door. If he is to be held in certain positions (for example, photos), he must be careful not to act on joints that might pierce silicone. But with patience, preparation and a lot of sweetness, we finally got there.

For dolls, the biggest problem is weight. For example, this is the safest for standing dolls when you spread the weight over several elongated points, which can become dangerous, especially if you don’t have the reinforcement of the tripod, and the worst The posture is kneeling or 4 legs for hands and knees …

Then the second problem is rubbing dark or fluorescent clothes, because TPE real Mini Sex Doll is a breathable material, but some products can remove marks. (I’m talking about TPE because I didn’t test silicone).



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