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A World Full of Emotions Japanese Mini Sex Dolls

There is a doll at home, why not, but having sex with a piece of silicone, I know it’s annoying. To break the bad image of the owner of Japanese Mini Sex Dolls, Fred today has three sites related to his experience. “We’re not perverted. I don’t have anything weird about dolls. I’m romantic and attentive. I prepare small meals with candles and rose petals. Once, when I took a photo, I broke Lilica’s back. I cried “Fred is a good guy. It may even be too much for a complex, emotional world. So he flinched alive. He is the only master in a fantastic universe. Women hurt him. His Japanese Mini Sex Doll will never hurt him. “For me, they are not sexual objects. Not only that. It is love. Obviously, this is not reciprocal. But it is love. I put my hand on Dolly’s knee. For the first time, I did not see her as a giant Sex toy, but one person. I offended these words: “How are you, Dolly? My sentence was lost in the silence of the apartment.



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