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About Loose And Fixed Joint Mini Sex Dolls


Use what you said about loosening and fixing joints. It is acceptable for Mini Sex Doll mainly used for game time. Therefore, no brand has been excluded. What about elastic joints. What about the spring-action substance that ruby ​​has? Does this improve the experience you think? I’m afraid those fingers pokes … I’d rather weigh the aspects of holding hands. Since I don’t take much pictures, I don’t need my fingers to pose. Take a look at boy toy inserts. I’m from early 2011 and I don’t have any insertion issues. This is very personal, in fact, lubrication is essential to make it adapt. If there were problems with earlier models, could this be the result of overcorrection? Just an idea. Anyway, my BT plugin is never lost or moved. Sorry, I had to stand up for the most important part of me! This may be the ultimate novice problem, but it also means that I will doubt myself from time to time, which keeps me on the road to getting my first doll. But the main “wishes” in my life are from the past 6 months. Of course, I have also been flirting with other real Mini Sex Doll brands.



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