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Adult sex dolls are more of an emotional affair

Domestic orders, on the other hand, immediately doubled 5-7 times. It used to sell three or four hundred a month, but now it’s around 2,000. Even the love doll’s customer service department complained that it had been “crazy busy” for the past six months.

Today male adult sex dolls are more of an emotional business. Brands will set a persona for each doll according to the doll’s appearance and make them a “luxury” item, so these dolls will gradually go from a nefarious toy to the perfect lover with fans.

Prices for these adult dolls range from 3,000 to 20,000 yuan, with the most expensive selling for 80,000 yuan and featuring posable joints, skin texture and veins, and even conversation.

“She’s gone a whole lot more than lifelike sex dolls.” He complained. Zhang Yi revealed that less than 10 percent of the factory’s products have been sold to domestic users in the past. “It used to sell three or four hundred a month domestically, but now it’s around 2,000.”

Li Jia, a customer service representative at another adult sex doll in Shenzhen, is even more impressed by the surge in factory doll sales. According to data previously released by Jingdong Health, Taobao, etc.: Jingdong Health in the drug category does not account for a high proportion of sales, occupying only about 30%, while adult products is Jingdong Health’s “main business”.

And from the data released by Taobao, in the “erotic lingerie” product sales statement, 70% of female customers to buy, and in other erotic pleasure tools, the number of female orders is also very large, showing that women are gradually Outdo men become the main force of consumption in the adult products industry.



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