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Adult silicone dolls: actual size and cheap

 The fabulous inflatable doll is gone forever and now it’s a surreal silicone doll. Nowadays when someone thinks “I want to buy a sex doll”, it is more normal to choose those Japanese dolls that are so cheap to sell on 【oudoll】.

They are made of high quality silicone and look very real, at first sight it is easy to mistake them for real people. This new technology goes far beyond just porn toys. Additionally, many of its advertisers warn customers that after trying a life-size silicone doll, they probably won’t want to have a flesh-and-blood girlfriend again.

When creating these silicone dolls, attention should be paid to every detail, paying special attention to the touch of the skin and the realism of the eyes. Also, adult silicone dolls have a fully articulated skeleton that allows the user to arrange them in different positions.

Due to the materials used and their manufacture, real adult silicone dolls are a very expensive product, but in 【oudoll】 we have found several stores where you can buy the best silicone dolls: cheap and of quality. You can find used silicone dolls in other online stores. We don’t recommend you though… these things are best brought out by yourself!

How to buy cheap silicone dolls at 【oudoll】?

The price of real silicone dolls varies greatly, from 1,000 to 30,000 euros (or more), depending on their characteristics and how they are personalized by the buyer. Users can choose the color of the eyes or hair, the size of the chest, clothes, tattoos or cosmetics: everything that is needed for greater realism and a high level of sophistication.

At 【oudoll】you will find life-size silicone dolls and loose body parts such as torso, vagina, sputum or love dolls that are perfect for masturbation. The price is very low and you can try it here.

You can search for following words in Google Chrome according to your needs:

silicone dolls

Silicone doll

Real silicone doll

Japanese silicone doll

According to the evaluation of the order results is very important, 【oudoll】 has many years of experience in selling lifelike sex dolls, they have their own factory production, factory direct supply, after-sales problems are guaranteed.

The best silicone dolls store on 【oudoll

oudoll】is one of the best-selling dolls in Germany, here you can take home cheap silicone dolls and choose a variety of real dolls perfect for sex and masturbation. A lifelike face with a realistic vagina specially designed for masturbation. Besides, this doll can also be oral sex, anal sex and breasts. Give you a deeper experience.

Buy cheap silicone dolls – tips

When you choose a reputable store, you can rest assured that you are getting a quality product. As a real silicone doll, you can definitely measure more than 160cm. We encourage you to look at the shipping conditions and return policy to avoid flying.



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