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After Europe and America were quarantined, sales of sex dolls skyrocketed

With the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, various places have been blocked, and people can only stay at home to protect their own sex toys safety and prevent the spread of the epidemic. As a result, many people have been separated from their partners for several months, and their physical needs cannot be met.

At this time, sex dolls have become the best choice for countless people.

The most intuitive data shows that in 2020, the sales of inflatable dolls in Spain and Italy increased by 262% and 480% respectively who made the sex doll over the same period last year. Since the first case appeared in the United States, the sales of sex dolls have also continued to soar. Why is this?

This is because we need to have sex more than usual. During the epidemic, people are more anxious than usual. And orgasm, not only can bring plush sex doll physical pleasure, but also has the effect of relieving mental pressure and feeling happy.

According to medical research, the hormones such as dopamine, endorphins, and dehydroepiandrosterone released during orgasm real doll sex have the effects of relieving anxiety, reducing stress and calming the nerves, and feeling happy.

A long-term good sex life makes people less anxious, less violent and hostile. It also supports the body’s immune system, relieves pain, regulates sex doll factory endocrine, and improves mental state. A happy marriage partner will have the most benefits.

When we have sex, our heart rate and pulse rate increase, and after the orgasm arrives, our body relaxes and returns to normal male sex doll activity levels.

Regular and regular sex activities increase the body’s endurance, just like the purpose pursued by various exercises in the gym.

Therefore, it is a normal phenomenon that the more frequent sexual activities are during the extraordinary period. So smart Europeans who love sports, even without a partner, think of sex dolls.

Benefits of sex dolls

No risk of infection. The new type of coronavirus is mainly spread by the patient’s sneezing, coughing, etc. through droplets, and human infections through close contact. Concerns in this regard are completely non-existent. Moreover, the production process of sex dolls is sterile and sterilized, and there is no need to consider who invented the sex doll contact transmission.

Can be customized according to preferences. One of the best things about sex dolls is that they can be customized to your liking. Whether it’s your girlfriend who is half the world apart, or the goddess who never likes you, anything is possible. Just send the specifications and physical characteristics you want, and you will have an Asian sex doll customized sex doll delivered to your door.

Do not take contraceptive measures. The vast majority of men don’t like wearing condoms, and they don’t like to be far away from that floor. Wearing a condom when exercising with sex dolls is superfluous.

Provide companionship and avoid loneliness. Living alone at home can be stressful, especially because of fear and anxiety about the unknown. There is a sex doll at this time, which can ease your emotions very well. Even sex dolls will be plush sex doll more helpful than the companionship of a partner. Because a long time together may cause many quarrels and problems, but sex dolls have no complaints, silently be your listener, and give you everything you want.

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