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All-around Companion Japanese Mini Sex Dolls


That doll should be used mainly for “playing”. What weight would you say is ideal if too difficult to answer. Is it really impractical to have weight on this Mini Sex Doll? I am willing to sacrifice the height and beauty of the function for this. Thank you for your input here for sure. On my list … near the highest point. I also mentioned them many times above. The fluttering breasts came from almost no “flutter” I heard, right?

Repeating all these sounds I heard was a bit stupid. Well, the thing that rubles me the least is their fixed vagina … but there are many things that fit this doll. You are right. I should not rule out any aspect of the “doll lifestyle” in advance. As I said, she will be an all-around companion doll. I start with “sexual features” … to make my decision easier. As you pointed out so far by reading my miscellaneous. I have a hard time making a big decision. See some Japanese Mini Sex Doll. That would be a good idea … Will European dolls meet soon?



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