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Another thing that is great about sex dolls

 But we always feel comfortable hanging out with the locals across the hill in Pacifica or… Lately, when spring comes, Anastasia breaks out the bikinis. She can really flaunt her assets. Another thing that is great about sex dolls. They make excellent cosplay models. Shopping is easy for Anastasia, who is a WM168E. She wears size 2 or 4, so it’s no problem to buy some of the love dolls.

Just like the last blog, Anastasia still has an athletic side to her. But she cleans up really well. Occasionally Anastasia also accompanies us to a fine restaurant. Some Christmas photos of Anastasia, Carrie and me. Anastasia is like Carrie’s little sister who always goes to her room and borrows her male sex dolls. Mischa, our Italian greyhound, even likes to be photographed. She’s a real show-off. She will do anything for a treat.

And of course I have to get myself in here. I’m not ashamed to have Anastasia, and neither is the rest of our household. She is a lifelike sex doll supplement, even if Mischa might have a say in that. I hope you have enjoyed the photographic adventures of the last 6 months.

I recently set up an Instagram account for Celestina to show all the pictures I take of her. I didn’t even know I had a knack for photography. I had the lights and green screen for my YouTube channel, but they came in handy for my new pseudo-side job as an amateur doll photographer.

She currently has around 900 followers on Instagram, which is crazy. She has her own YouTube channel which serves as my backup channel as I face constant strikes and censorship due to the controversial nature of my content. It’s been a sex doll adventure and we’re just getting started. If you want to see what we’re up to next, you can find links to my various social media.



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