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Are sex dolls sent into space?

SpaceX founder Elon Musk must receive many unusual requests, but this may be the strangest request.

The industrial giant’s mission is to colonize Mars, and he hopes to achieve this goal in 2024. Therefore, former aerospace engineer Amit Stevenson proposed to provide SpaceX astronauts with some intimate companies in the form of sex dolls.

Stevenson, who owns the Sex Doll Elf, said the trip to Mars would be a lonely job, and the company’s robot companions can keep Mars colonists in touch with the company, not just sex.

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Stevenson told a British publication, “The purpose of sending a partner doll into space is not sex; most of our customers use love dolls to feel lonely.” He continued, “This is not meant to belittle astronauts, professional or general space exploration. “A simple trip to Mars can take 6 to 8 months, which means a lot of time for relatives.

Dr. Nick Kanas, Honorary Professor of Psychiatry at the University of California, discussed these psychological effects 2018 in detail. He said, “Mars has a long way to go, and extreme distances will have psychological consequences.”

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Stevenson made this argument and suggested that silicone dolls can relieve some of the anxiety and psychological pressure of these tasks. Amit, the co-founder of Sex Doll Elf, said that it is important for astronauts to feel “accompanied”. His solution was to have them take some flagship sex dolls into space to fight loneliness. He said, “The purpose of sending sex dolls into space is not sex; most of our customers use love dolls to feel lonely.” Much lonelier than in space or on Mars? As an aerospace engineer, I fully understand space travel, and this is something I am passionate about and have spent most of my life.



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