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Artificial Intelligence Integrated Into Japanese Mini Sex Dolls


For those who have reservations about real Mini Sex Doll ownership, my advice is to start with inflatables or other fairly cheap dolls. If they find it doesn’t work for them, then they won’t be much. If they move to a more expensive doll, the first one can be stored, sold or gifted. They may even be retained for the beginning of the harem. My heart is too much, and when I am involved in other things, most of them ignore the doll. Human wives or girlfriends quickly get tired of being treated this way and can show sadness, anger, depression, or despair. The dolls did provide a kind of “presence” in the room, even though I didn’t notice them at the time. The only drawback is that there is no interaction beyond the imagination of the doll owner. Some people can tolerate this, but some do yearn for a living person. Here are some topics to try to integrate artificial intelligence into Japanese Mini Sex Doll to overcome this problem.



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