Sex & Nudity

In a scene in a bathtub, there is female full frontal nudity including pubic hair. The scene includes a motorized plastic toy (underwater diver) swimming between the woman’s legs up against her genitals (no genitals are seen). She appears to mildly enjoy contact with the toy. In another scene, a man is seen watching a sex tape of a woman masturbating alone; nudity includes bare breasts and partial view of hip/buttock.
In one scene, as a woman changes clothing, she is shown completely naked from behind. As she partially turns, her breast is visible. In several other scenes, she is shown topless.
Naked man and woman have intercourse on top of a bed. They change sexual positions. Thrusting and panting is shown. Explicit moaning. This is a very long scene. Nudity includes bare chest, male full rear nudity and bare breasts, though the majority of the shots are from the shoulders up.
In the back of a pharmacy, a man is seen on top of woman having intercourse, both partly undressed. Nudity includes only bare-chested male.

Violence & Gore

A man forces his way into a woman’s apartment when she tries to close the door on him. During the ensuing struggle he knocks her out with a head-butt when she screams.
A woman throws a glass at a man’s face, cutting him. He grabs her and subdues her physically. Although she expresses a suspicion that he will rape her, he never does so.
A man holds a woman at gunpoint, and later ties her to a bed, but does not physically harm her.
A man is beaten in a street fight, he is shown cut and slightly bloody. At one point he is knocked out.


A handful of F words as well as a scattering of other profanity throughout the movie.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

The lead female character is a recovering drug addict. There are several scenes where this is discussed.
There is movie cast party where drinking is occurring. Several characters are shown as being drunk.
The male character goes to buy drugs from a drug dealer.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

The initial attack scene can be disturbing to some, since we do not yet know the attacker’s true intentions – particularly when he head-butts her to knock her out.

Film review:Translated by

I’ve reached the age of wearing red underwear for the second round, and I’ve passed a quarter of my life. I summed up a truth that everything can’t look at the surface. Judging from the surface, it must be piece and incomplete, but often I always contact and imagine from the appearance. For example, I fantasize that my beard must be an uncle, and then my genitalia is huge. I’ve manipulated the uncle who is both curtily and coquettish with more than n girls, but when I look at the photos, it’s over, It’s not at all. It’s a young head. When I was flustered and couldn’t find a way to solve my physiological problems, I would choose some movies with names that looked like waves to study. However, those movies made me wet from beginning to end. The name “tie me, tie me” sounded like an SM style sadistic film. As a result, it was completely a title party, This film is actually a romantic film under the banner of SM.

The video describes a man who kidnapped a pornographic female star who had a one night stand with him and fell in love with her. He confessed to her and went through fire and water for her. As a result, the female star fell in love with him irresistibly. There were many binding actions in the film and a mirror shot of long-range sex. The end was that they were happy and married.

Dog day movie labels say it’s porn, and the whole movie is nothing except a vision preacher’s position. No wonder my red underwear is parched.

In addition to the above general complaints and the fact that this film is really a good film, I also fantasize about it. I hope to have a strong man bind me, gently abuse me twice, and then let me fall in love with him hopelessly. The hero in the film had a ecstatic one night stand with the pornographic actress, and then he never forgot or even desperate love for her. The director really thinks for the sake of the majority of female compatriots. Most of today’s men want to force for free. It’s best to force for free without responsibility. How can there be a man who is fascinated by you after one night stand?

But the director said there was!

I wiped the dust accumulated in the corner of my memory. It seems that there was such a person.

When I habitually lit a cigarette after exercise, he grabbed it and put it out and told me that it was bad for girls to smoke at home. When I pulled the quilt and turned over to sleep, I found that he fell asleep holding my hand. When I woke up in the morning, he was bitten by his dog and kissed a few times. I got up, took it up and turned around without turning back. Ons, who doesn’t understand? Don’t go at dawn. Take the sentence pattern in crazy racing as an example: it’s unprofessional not to go! I was professional enough at that time, but the other party was unprofessional. He was dedicated to me as a virgin. He recognized that I was generally pestering me. He had to call and whisper every day. On rainy days, he ran to my school, climbed over the wall and climbed into the girls’ apartment to see me. After the exercise, he told me to be my girlfriend. At that time, I was so disdainful that I sternly refused and told him to put on his pants and go away immediately.

Now think about it, how hurtful it would be. I trampled on the delicate and gentle feelings of a good young man.

As the days passed, I soon didn’t remember his name and appearance. Later, I slowly found that the world changed. Almost everyone became a professional ons expert. Later, I only found a gun friend and couldn’t find a boyfriend.

Sure enough, people are still very cheap. At the beginning, there was such a man who showed his true feelings in front of me. I didn’t cherish it. Up to now, there will be no one who said sincere sweet words to me and fell in love with me hand in hand. I am depressed and sad again.

Well, then, fight for the next man I said I loved me, and I’ll fall in love with him, and make a happy ending.


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