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Attracted By A Little Silicone Adventure Real Mini Sex Doll

After considering the different parts of the real Mini Sex Doll blog, I want to come back to you. Thank you in advance for your welcome. What should I say? I am 59 years old and live in a couple. I am very happy. But for sex, it becomes difficult. I tried an inflatable vibee doll, which is medium in size, not very soft plastic, and difficult to position due to the inactivity of the legs. Therefore, I am looking for a doll with joints.

I think to reduce weight, choose 135 cm. Has anyone tried it? I chose a 20 kg silicone doll weighing 145 cm. Knowing that a doll is very fragile, it is necessary to handle it with extra care. For me it is up to 20 kg. If you are not used to it, a weight of 20 kg may cause you great difficulties. A weight test has been performed.

Athena – C Cup Small Waist Short Hair Real Mini Sex Doll

Knowing that a 25 kg cement bag is easier to lift and carry than a doll of the same weight. I am a man in his forties and I am married, but I am very interested in the phenomenon of real Mini Sex Dolls, and I am really attracted by a little silicone adventure! It is difficult to consider buying a doll today (my wife is not very excited), so I prefer onlookers. He managed to silence the untrained journalist because he was the first person to provide such an event in France, but this is just a mystery because I practiced this kind of activity in central France and there are about ten more year.



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