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Because we don't rent our silicone dolls

 You have heard about the opening of certain brothels of sex dolls or sex dolls and as soon as many of them have been closed, in this post we will discuss the main reasons and why in Silicone Dolls Germany this type of rental service of silicone dolls or sex dolls is not offered.

The main reason is hygienic, and this type of dolls are made of TPE or thermoplastic elastomers, which is a porous material that is the same type of material used for canned vaginas or vibrators, so while it is suitable for sexual use is, however, sufficient Hygiene cannot be guaranteed when the hygiene controls for a product are shared by several users. You can understand that no one would share their canned vibrator or vagina, no matter how clean we are.

With the love dolls it is the same, you can clean enough for an individual use continuously, but it is not recommended to use it collectively because it is very complicated, due to the porous material, a hygienic or antibacterial cleaning 100% effective and who says what else, it simply lies and therefore cannot be a product of sharing in a publicly accessible place.

For all this and together with the experience of the users, in 【oudoll】we decided from the beginning not to offer this type of service, apart from other ethical considerations that would be the subject of another debate.



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