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big silicone breasts British branded effect sex doll chain

From the point of view of consumer groups, the main force of love doll products today is no longer limited to the middle-aged, middle-and-high wealth groups, but tends to be younger and more popular, people’s demand for quality of life is becoming higher and higher, including the same quality of adult life . Take Taobao.com as an example: the main consumer of adult products on Taobao’s entire online platform is young people, especially men, accounting for more than 70%. Among them, 33% of buyers are 20-29 years old; 45% are between 30 and 39 years old.

As successful as 【oudoll】, there is also the British male sex doll chain brand, listed as one of the most successful and profitable private companies in the UK, its 150 stores in the financial crisis before the operating profit can also reach more than 150 million pounds; the United States, there are also listed companies such as from the adult product industry.

With the advent of e-commerce, offline sales in the adult market have been hit, orange lifelike sex dolls have started to shrink, and some manufacturers have started to streamline the number of offline experience stores. According to Analysys Econet’s interviews with sellers in the adult market, it is estimated that the current ratio of online and offline sales of adult products is somewhere between 7:3 and 8:2. E-commerce has become a key layout for adult product operators, and sellers should choose the right business strategy according to their own advantages and qualifications.

The popularity of sex doll products is not only increasing, but also the frequency of consumption and the total amount of consumption are increasing day by day. The 80s and 90s have become the main force of social consumption, and they generally receive modern education and pay attention to personal “sexual happiness”. According to the survey, adult acceptance of sex products has exceeded 93%, the industry ‘social concept of bondage’ quickly eliminated, so that the adult market gradually return to the benign development track, began a high-speed growth period input.

In 2019, Valentine’s Day has become a communication hotspot of the gift economy, couples give flowers, buy adult products and other new trends in gift economy consumption. The report points out that around Valentine’s Day and Tanabata, flower e-commerce and adult e-commerce are of great importance. It can be seen that in gifting scenarios, such as couples gifting each other, there is a growing demand for gifts that can express personal emotional connotations, such as flowers and adult products.



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