• Both main characters are married and fall in love.
  • Dr. Alec invites Laura to an apartment of his friend. She refuses but remorse and comes to the the place and they kiss but then they are interrupted and she escapes from the other door.
  • A male character slaps a female’s behind while she bends over. She objects and they discuss whether he had any kind of permission.
  • A few kissing scenes

Film review:Translated by www.rabudo-ru.com

An ordinary middle-aged extramarital affair, each of them has a calm and even happy family life. Once they encounter each other, they spark a spark and burn uncontrollably, but they soon extinguish the flame.

Yes, this woman is not a lonely heart. Maybe she is very satisfied with her previous life. It’s not that she doesn’t love her husband or children. She loves reading poetry and has a desire for romance in her heart. The doctor’s enthusiasm ignited the flame hidden in her heart and burned faintly all the way.

David Ryan took this ordinary middle-aged relationship very seriously, as well as screenwriters and actors. The female boss in the railway station shop is obviously a contrast, perhaps to contrast the monotony and passivity of middle-class life.

Finally, her husband woke her up from her absent-minded memories and said a meaningful sentence to the effect that you were finally back – it sounded so like an English husband. He is considerate, calm and rational, but sometimes he is very slow. I don’t know if he is pretending to be confused. In short, one day when she met the other, she found that he was too calm and rational to satisfy her impulsive love.

Is this a mismatch, right? I dare not draw a conclusion. I don’t think that’s the point of the film. If she wants to pursue romance, of course, marriage can’t give her that. But even if she had married the doctor, those enthusiasm might not last. Once you break up, a day or two of love can be unforgettable. I say this because when she burns all the way, the romantic scenes of PROM and beach flash in her mind. What a lady Bovary! Maybe she married too young to enjoy life. When she realized what she wanted, she was already a good wife and mother. Her sense of responsibility, morality or instinct made her indulge very limited. She is struggling at the edge of the abyss. The pain is really painful. I’m afraid she will be unhappy in the future.

I always think this movie is about more than extramarital affairs. Maybe David Ryan pays more attention to the friction and struggle between people and the environment. And this is a topic that he likes to talk about in many films. As far as extramarital love is concerned, their relationship has not reached that stage – although passion is enough. She fell in love with him because of his enthusiasm and childishness, but it also made people feel that the emotional life of the middle class in that era was poor and her world was so narrow. And when she has the possibility of cheating, the eyes of the whole world seem to be staring at her – part of it is her own psychology. The woman’s friend met them at the station and talked endlessly, trying to find out some gossip. The most impressive thing is that the doctor’s friend came back late at night and found that the doctor was dating someone with his own house. The doctor explained that it was not what he thought and was sorry to make him angry. He calmly took back the key and said it was not anger but disappointment.

So what the film virtually accuses is actually that era and such a restrictive environment. The idea of cheating was stifled in the cradle by the sharp monitoring of the surrounding moral police. The audience naturally sympathizes with the couple, because the story starts from their point of view. It’s natural for them to attract each other to love each other. But from the perspective of his friend, he may imagine them as dog men and women. The so-called disappointment probably means that he thought the doctor was a gentleman, but he didn’t expect such an affair. This obsession with moral cleanliness can sometimes be cruel, but the parties may not realize it – that’s what the film really wants to say.

But the pressure of the environment makes the love short but more precious. After he left, he may be separated from each other. At that moment, she couldn’t stand it and almost wanted to jump the track to commit suicide. In contrast, there was a falling in love in Hollywood in the 1980s Starring Nile and Streep, they also talk about extramarital affairs (bridges are not in my interest). The stories are surprisingly similar, but the mood is completely different. The pressure from society is too small, and the entanglement between them is almost understated. This makes people feel that the life of middle-class men and women is more free but also more boring. Although extramarital love is common, it is much more classical.

Sometimes I suspect that the environment is both the murderer and the perpetrator of this romantic relationship. Whether romance is really that important is another topic.


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