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Buy realistic cheap silicone Mini Sex Dollsex with mouth and anal in our store

 When considering a realistic silicone  Mini Sex Doll rental plan from a marketing and promotional perspective, nothing is more compelling-maybe why they didn’t think of it earlier. However, the concept of rented real  Mini Sex Doll may ring in some cases, from exchange-based use and reuse of private objects to the life-like nature of these specific objects. Whether you are a budget-conscious or strict business, it is important to consider the human factors of this process. Because although the silicone sex world no doubt solidifies their bottom line here, they are also opening up to people who may need this form of sexual expression and intimacy.

We test drive cars. We will use the beauty products for a week before deciding whether it is suitable for us; if not, we will refund the full refund within 20 days. As a result, many adult industries are built on the concept of free trials. In the same spirit, a retailer in New York hopes that their new rental plan will increase sales of realistic dolls. Our store has recently launched an option where consumers can rent a ready-made blonde, 170 cm tall E Cup ladies doll for up to 6 days.

realistic silicone  Mini Sex Doll

Once the rental order is placed, the doll will be delivered to the consumer on the selected date and will arrive before noon local time. In addition to the $ 150 rent per day, tenants must pay a $ 800 refundable security deposit. USD prices are illustrative only, as this service is only available for addresses in the United States. After returning the dolls, they will check them to make sure they are in good working order and, if possible, return the security deposit. The rented dolls are then washed to the highest standards to ensure that the next renter receives the same condition as the new one. They said their rental department had been booked for weeks and recorded interest in their pre-made and custom-made dolls, which was a direct result of the program.

The organization’s product experts say investing in real love doll is an important buying activity for many, but with leasing options, this is achievable. Six months ago, we sold two dolls a week, and now we sell five dolls a day. Those who have never used  Mini Sex Dolls before are naturally curious about this experience, while others just want to try it before buying a lot of goods-the rental option is a logical step, and our customers have responded very well, Free to add. So far, the feedback has been very positive.



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