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Do dolls exist solely to meet human sexual requirements or can they be part of a family?

 The impressions of most real love doll buyers are geeks, bachelors, withdrawals … they usually have no contact with the opposite sex and most are late marriages. However, in reality, married customers make up 30% to 40% of Dutch Wife buyers, according to relevant reports. Couples who cannot give birth to children or choose DINK on their own buy Dutch wives when they have children. The widow’s old man seeks spiritual support through Dutch Wife. The main reason for these is that, in addition to Dutch wife, it is difficult to find a more realistic humanoid model.

Do you treat RealDoll as a family?

Real Dutch wives are a real-life alternative and satisfying, but very similar to the psychology of affection, but tend to own and manage people. Some people may find themselves dissatisfied with real life, having difficulty establishing better real-life relationships, or unable to meet the specific psychological needs of real-life. So you can fill this part of the fantasy of the virtual world.

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Life-sized sex dolls also have their own characteristics. In short, control and charm. Some people may not be able to fulfill their wishes with their true partner, but they can do so with dolls. Sex isn’t dirty, it’s a choice, whether it’s about sex or not.

Why do you need a sex doll when you have a partner?

Sex dolls can’t replace real people, but they can get emotional satisfaction. There is feedback between the true emotions of people. I have feelings for you and you have feelings for me. With a real Dutch wife, there is no way to feed back your emotions. In other words, this kind of emotional feedback is just the imagination of the owner.

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For example, if you buy a dress for her lover, she may be happy to show you if it’s cold or if you like the dress, but the doll doesn’t receive such feedback. True emotions empower people and influence their changes. In real life, people have a lot of helplessness and helplessness, but what they imagine can also bring happiness to people. It creates a safe place for people to enjoy. But it’s your own world, not the real outside world.



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