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Does wearing a condom really affect pleasure real doll sex?

Have girl appeal for help: boyfriend make love of time always do not want to wear condom, say uncomfortable, so he always outside sex doll factory body shoot rice green, how should I do?

Why are men reluctant to use condoms

A search online reasons abound: “do not take a set, more exciting, why to take, I do not like to wear” “no reason, too troublesome.”


Does condom use really affect pleasure?

There are currently two different sex doll inventor views on the impact of condoms on sex and therefore two different attitudes towards condom use:

①They do not accept condoms because they reduce the pleasure of sexual intercourse.

②It is believed that condom use can prolong the time, relax and enjoy, and thus feel more pleasant.

In fact, proper use of condoms who made the sex doll can prolong the time and make both parties more pleasant. However, if the condom is made of poor material, the size is not suitable, and the use is not appropriate, tpe sex doll it will indeed affect the pleasure. In order to reduce the impact of condoms, you can choose regular ultra-thin condoms with good safety and quality (currently the thinest is only 0.1mm). And learn who made the sex doll to choose their own and the right to use.

Therefore, if the boyfriend is determined not to wear a condom as an excuse, girls please must put this sentence “pa” to his face: it is you do not learn how to use condoms will feel the effect of pleasure, do not find an excuse!

Is the contraceptive method of ejaculation outside the body reliable?

In vitro body inch fine contraceptive methods are not reliable, men in the body inch fine before, will flow out of the prostate fluid, and the prostate fluid contains rice green son, if you happen to contact the Yin channel, liquid into the void, gay sex doll this situation is very likely to be pregnant!

And, there are some people, especially men without sexual experience, are likely to become “fast men” in such a hyperactive environment, silicone sex doll resulting in the injection of rice green liquid, the probability of pregnancy can be much more!

There are other benefits to condom use that you may not know about

1. Correct use of condoms can greatly reduce the risk of transmission of gonorrhea, chlamydia, hepatitis B and HIV.

2, even if there is no disease to men, if everyday is not too pay attention to health, will also bring mold and bacteria to a woman’s body, extremely easy to destroy the female vagina self-cleaning system lead to vaginal microecological imbalance (the decrease in the number of pathogenic bacteria, lactic acid bacteria), easy to cause trichomonas vaginitis, robot sex doll vaginal inflammation recurrence (needs to add lactic acid bacteria) in a timely manner.
3, for women, any other method of contraception gay sex doll is relatively harmful to the body, the effect is not as good as the use of condoms. It can achieve about 98% contraceptive success rate and avoid the risk of harm to the body by abortion.

4. Using condoms correctly can prolong the time and make both parties more happy.

Sex is a beautiful pas de deux. The ultimate happiness plush sex doll is when both of you are happy. What is love if he is happy and you are scared? In order to make the man happy and agree that he does not wear a condom, while worrying about the possible security risks, it is better to simply refuse at the beginning, know how to protect themselves, be respected and loved by the man is really happy!



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