HomeCastDuring the new coronavirus, sales volume of silicone dolls increased sharply a

During the new coronavirus, sales volume of silicone dolls increased sharply a

A few days ago, it was reported that during the period of COVID-19 (coronavirus disease) orders for adult dolls were violent and 80% of them were exported to Europe and the USA.

In fact, in today’s society, many people choose adult dolls as partners through online shopping. Urologist Tang Qixing has a mature patient who is looking for a doctor because he believes that his sexual function is not as good as before. Dr. Tang Cixing conducted an examination for him. It wasn’t a physical problem. Later he slowly realized that the sex partner of this social man was a silicone doll. No wonder this patient would pay for this partner to be loving and just and would never leave.

Paula Enger ass Beautiful face WM Doll

Since it was not a physical problem, Dr. Tang Cixing had to refer him to a psychiatric ward. Psychiatrist Cai Wenling explained that the popularity of 3C products has produced many otakus. Since they do not know how to deal with people and have physical and psychological needs, they had to look for silicone doll. There are also some setbacks or ridicules in the face of real life and turn to silicone dolls that do not refuse for comfort reasons

Dr. Cai Wenling added that today’s sand rubber frogs look very real and feel like real people. Therefore, for some men there is no pressure to have sex with silicone frogs, even if they have premature ejaculation and impotence. Therefore, rather complain about choosing this type of sex toy.

In addition, there is a small group of men who seriously lack self-confidence. They are concerned about poor sexual performance, inability to maintain, premature ejaculation and slight softness and are despised, despised and mocked by their sexual partners. Sexual needs, I must come alone ‘or have a silicone doll to get physical and mental satisfaction.

Enjoy Sex doll WM Doll Paula

Dr. Cai Wenling pointed out that normally both men and women like warm and emotional sex, in other words, having sex only with sex toys such as silicone dolls is a psychological problem. You should turn to psychiatry or clinical psychology to solve the real problems of sex with silicone dolls, such as anxiety and performance anxiety, and other symptoms.

Dr. Cai Wenling suggested that men affected by this aspect should actively seek medical treatment, receive treatment, or improve through behavioral therapy. Appropriate self-blasphemy can also relieve body and mind and even try to interact with real people to learn something about silicone dolls can not replace people’s true feelings, so they can have the feeling of sexual happiness “to make love”! She wakes up women, too. If you notice that the other half goes back in bed, do not laugh about it and do not show contemptuous eyes. You should encourage Accompanying a doctor who takes a positive attitude, this is the essence of “sex”



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