Easy And Time-Saving MINI SEX DOLL Care Skills


If you have a realistic MINI SEX DOLLs, you will use it often. But you should keep the doll clean, which is better for you and the doll. Here are some suggestions for you, hoping to help you.

1. When having sex with dolls, and when having sex with MINI SEX DOLLs, water-based lubricants are required. It helps to penetrate the anus and vagina or oral cavity better. This helps maintain the texture and smoothness of the skin without causing wear and tear due to use. Do not overload his hands or wrists when taking certain positions, as his wrists are very soft and may not be able to support your weight.

2. When bathing the TPE Love doll, you can use antibacterial mild soap to bathe. Do not immerse your head and neck in water when bathing. Use a wet soapy towel on the face and neck to wipe off dirt and bacteria. The terry cloth is soft and dry. This will help clean and dry the skin of the doll. After showering, bring cooling powder to your device to keep the baby’s skin as velvety as soft. Do not use a hair dryer under any circumstances. It is not recommended to expose the doll. This can cause rough skin and poor quality.

3. Cleaning the openings Be especially careful when cleaning the openings. You also need to clean the rim of the anus, the vaginal opening, and the oral area. Make sure that there are no breeding grounds for bacteria or fungi in these areas. Use washers specially designed for the opening of the love doll. First, rinse the opening with mild antibacterial soapy water to make sure everything is rinsed. Rinse the root canal with vaginal cleaner. Then use a clean dry towel to wipe the pipe with your fingers to dry it. Please be very friendly about this. The last step in cleaning the openings and walkways is to use a soft, delicate, velvety recycled powder.

4. Bone care Every mini MINI SEX DOLL has a metal skeleton with internal joints. This gives you greater flexibility and allows countless poses. Each joint is fixed with bolts, if it is loose, it can be easily repaired at home. Be careful not to drop, hit or drag the surface to the ground. Don’t use sharp objects or overextend your limbs. Otherwise, the bones and skin system will be damaged. This will reduce quality and longevity. If it is left and bent for a long time, the main body will be deformed, and if it is left for a long time, it may fall over.

5. For her hair Dutch wife’s hair should use mild wig shampoo and conditioner. Do not blow dry with a hair dryer. Affect hair quality. Let it dry naturally, and don’t comb your hair when it’s wet.

6. Don’t share your MINI SEX DOLL with others Don’t share your MINI SEX DOLL with others. If it is not shared, there is a risk of infection. Always use condoms to prevent infection. When having sex with MINI SEX DOLLs, be sure to use water-based lubricants. Treat her gently, treat her like a real woman! We hope you find this mini guide useful.  https://www.rabudo-ru.com/easy-and-time-saving-doll-care-skills/


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