Sex & Nudity

There are repeated sexualised references to schoolgirls in the context of an adult woman performing as a schoolgirl character in a dance club. These references are not graphic, but could still be considered offensive.
Two men are seen topless as they kiss – it’s implied they’re going to sleep together.
There are no sex scenes in the film.
A good amount of the film is set in an “exotic” dance club where female dancers are seen topless or fully nude, however much of the nudity is in the background or not focused on.

Violence & Gore

A man is kicked out of the club violently. He has some cuts on his face as a result.
Talk of a man’s daughter being murdered.
Talk of killing a man with a gun. A man brandishes a gun, but does not go through with the act.


A handful of f-words, most used in one scene.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Drugs: None
Some drinking at the club.

Film review:Translated by

People are human because of love. Throughout the ages, excellent works of art are all people-oriented, moving with emotion, good at depicting the spiritual world of characters and revealing the emotional world of characters. Young Canadian director aitom igoyan often uses images as a means of psychoanalysis of characters and is good at controlling complex plot structures. In the process of filming striptease, he continued his theme exploration in previous videos: fascinating things in human relations, the danger of sex, the attraction of peeping and the concept of family.

Igojan is an artist with peculiar style and advanced ideas. His ancestral home is Armenia. He was born in Cairo, Egypt, in 1960. When he was young, he studied at the University of Toronto, Canada, specializing in international relations. At the same time, he was interested in classical guitar, but what interested him most was film. As early as when he was in school, he began to shoot film and television works. In recent years, he has become one of the world-famous film directors. In 1984, his first feature film “close relatives” attracted people’s attention as soon as it came out, and was nominated for the best director award of the Guinness Book of Canada in 1985. He also participated in international film festivals for many times and won the “gold medal award” at Mannheim International Film Week in West Germany. In 1987, the second feature film “family viewing” won the best feature film award in Canada at the Toronto International Film Festival, and won many honors at the Berlin Film Festival and Montreal Film Festival, which established his position as an excellent director. The recitation part (1989) and after sales service (1991) were selected as the directors of the prestigious Cannes Film Festival for fortnight. Calendar (1993) won the International Federation of art and Film Awards at the Berlin International Film Festival and participated in other international film festivals for many times. His recently directed works “beautiful next day” (1996, Taiwan translated “unexpected spring”) and “salabande dance” (1997) have also won wide international acclaim. Igoyan’s achievements have brought international reputation not only to himself, but also to Canadian films.

Striptease was completed by Igor Yang in 1994. It is generally considered to be the most compassionate and shocking video he has created so far. It won the international film critic award of Cannes Film Festival in 1994 and the Canadian best feature film award of Toronto for the third time. In the selection of Canadian film “Guinness Award” announced on December 7, 1994, He also won seven awards, including best film, best director and best original script, which not only achieved great success in Canada, but also entered the European and American markets. In addition to the Chinese translation of the film “striptease”, there are also “porn club”, “porn Hotel”, “dancer Christina” and so on. In fact, it is more accurate to translate it into “exotic” strip club, because “exotica” in western language means “foreign, foreign, exotic and attractive”. The story told in the video takes place in a striptease called “exotica”. Considering that the title should be concise and clear, this paper adopts the translation of “striptease”.

The story of this film can be summarized as follows: the hero Francis is an auditor of the Canadian revenue agency. The relationship between his brothers is tense due to his wife’s affair with his brother Harold. Later, Francis’s daughter was murdered in the wild. Francis became a suspect in killing his daughter and was investigated by the police because the police suspected that his daughter was not his own daughter, but the illegitimate daughter of his wife and his brother Harold. The police concluded that Francis knew the secret and killed the “daughter” out of revenge. Soon, the real murderer was arrested, proving his innocence. After this incident, Francis suffered a great emotional blow, and his daughter’s murder made him extremely sad. So he buried himself in his work during the day, trying to forget his troubles. Often patronize “exotic” nightclubs at night. Christina, who was a dancer in this nightclub, was young and beautiful. She wore student clothes and had a pure temperament. Her dress and temperament were very similar to his dead daughter, which made him recall the lovely image of her daughter. When the illusion created by Francis was destroyed by Eric, he decided to revenge Eric. When Eric knew the truth and confessed to Francis, Francis gave up the idea of revenge and made peace with Eric.

It should be said that the story told in this video itself is not complex, but in the actual viewing process, people find themselves in a cloud and fog. They don’t feel the fog gradually disperse until ten minutes before the end of the video. Perhaps this is the director’s wisdom in telling the story: it adopts the narrative structure of strip dance performance to attract the audience to watch, As igojan said, “by telling the striptease” I want to construct a video like a strip show to gradually highlight an emotional story. The protagonist in the video carries loneliness and despair and carries out a series of rituals and daily activities. When people try to transform pain into their own myths and legends, these rituals and activities may seem unconventional or absurd. I believe that mankind has found nothing more attractive than an exotic based on its own experience. ”

The video focuses on a strip club, an opera house and a pet store, which are often “mystified” by the people who work and patronize there. Igoyang expresses these places as an organic part of the plot. They are full of mysterious personality and exotic. They are not only the place where the protagonist’s feelings are replaced, but also the witness of disasters and misfortunes. In addition, although the video takes the striptease as the main background and there are nude scenes of performing stripteases, the director does not deliberately render pornography. Francis often patronizes this nightclub not to seek sensory stimulation, but to place his thoughts on his beloved daughter and relieve the great psychological pressure brought by life and work. Igoyang also told the protagonist Eric that the striptease is a place that consumes money, time, energy and even life. The video focuses on the psychological depiction of the characters, focuses on Francis’s painful mood after losing his beloved daughter, and shows his efforts to retrieve good memories from Christina, as well as the confusing and complex interpersonal relationships in human communication. In the video, the striptease is just a place where the choreographer and director use to express the theme confrontation: Ritual versus instinct, abandonment versus liberation, appearance versus essence.

The striptease shows many characters who are closely intertwined with each other because of desire and loss, and their complex communication is full of inherent tension. The video examines the basis for the existence of this relationship, the essence of desire, and various misunderstandings hidden between the two. By creating a seductive and charming atmosphere, igojan explores how people build their own real world and illusion world when they seek a relaxed and comfortable life. The video has created a group of images of contemporary urban people: Francis, who has suffered a great spiritual blow due to family changes, Christina and Eric, who have just graduated from college and work in a nightclub, ZIO, the nightclub owner wandering between ideal and reality, Thomas, the owner of the pet store, Francis’s brother Harold and his daughter Tracy, In addition, there is Ian who works at the airport customs. Igoyang showed that the ink of these characters was relatively average, and did not deliberately highlight one or two of them. Instead, the narrative focuses on revealing the complex relationship between characters. Due to igojan’s excellent narrative skills, almost every character in the video is impressive.

Igoyang uses the “strip dance” structure to tell the story. On the one hand, the complex relationship between the characters in the video is not gradually clear until the end of the video, which arouses the curiosity of the audience and makes the audience interested in watching the video. On the other hand, it often makes people have illusions, but these illusions have been corrected in the end, so that the audience can get the pleasure of getting rid of layers of fog and seeing the true face of Lushan. For example, the relationship between Francis and Tracy, until the story went on for a long time, the audience mistakenly thought Tracy was a young prostitute that Francis found to have fun. For another example, at the beginning of the video, the middle-aged man who scraped together with Thomas to take a taxi to the city handed Thomas an envelope containing ballet tickets when he got off the bus. It was easy to make people think they saw a detective film and waited for the mysterious man to reappear, but he didn’t see him until the end of the video. Another way that the choreographer and director make people have an illusion is in the makeup modeling of the characters. For example, ZIO’s costumes are very different when he is in business in the strip shop and in ordinary life. Francis in the past is almost unrecognizable compared with Francis now, and Christina’s image has also undergone great changes.

Film is the art of montage. The ingenious combination of lens is particularly important in describing complex story plots. It can make seemingly messy events into an organic whole. When igoyang tells the stories of these characters, he gives full play to the free space-time transformation characteristics of film art, and the connection between scenes is smooth and free. At the same time, he also pays great attention to the rhythm of narration, so that the video has a musical sense of speed. This feature may benefit from igoyang’s experience in the opera house. He has been an opera director and created opera scripts. The connection between many scenes in the video is completed by music. For example, the song of everyone knows connects the nightclub with Thomas’s residence. Tracy’s flute music connects Francis’s home with the opera house and nightclub. The charming Opera Aria runs through the activities of the protagonist in the play.

Igoyang often inserts quiet and mysterious scenes in the video: a group of people suddenly appear on the horizon in the golden field under the background of dark clouds. A large flock of sheep are crowded on the rural road of Armenia. An A-shaped house suddenly becomes a symbol of annoying disaster from a comfortable residence… In igoyang’s video, These pictures are quietly inserted into the narrative process as mysterious pictures. Igoyang always guides the audience to feel the individual disaster form and type before showing the cause of the event. These scenes often become the omen before the disaster comes. The frequently inserted scenes in striptease are a group of people who suddenly appear on the green grassland. They line up and move slowly. Gradually, the audience knows that they are looking for something. Finally, they know that they are looking for the body of a female student. Another scene that often appears is the scene of Francis shooting a video. It was the last time he took a video for his wife and daughter, which became a witness of his farewell to his beloved wife and daughter. This video flashed in Francis’s mind whenever he couldn’t calm down and missed his dead wife and daughter.

Igoyang’s videos often show an emotional hole, or a lack, such as the mother in the family watch, Clara’s brother in the dialogue, the photographer’s companion in the calendar, and the children killed in a car accident in the beautiful next day. In the striptease, this emotional void is Francis’s daughter. To be exact, the protagonists of the video have more or less emotional deficiencies, and everyone is actively working to fill this void or deficiency.

Feelings arise from the heart, feelings arise from things, and there are no two enemies. In the face of the emptiness of feelings, or detachment, get fundamental liberation; Or replace things with things to seek instant happiness. The way for the protagonists in the striptease to fill the emptiness or lack of feelings is to replace things with things, empathize, and try to find a substitute for the lost feelings.

Francis, as the tax auditor of Canada’s national tax administration, has a good income and a happy family. He originally lived an ideal middle-class life, but sudden family changes made him suffer mental torture. His beloved daughter was killed and his wife was killed in a car accident. He himself is suspected to be the murderer of his daughter, All this gave him a great emotional blow. Therefore, he often patronizes the “exotic” nightclub at night in order to create an illusion to fill the spiritual void caused by the mysterious disappearance of his wife and daughter. He met Christina several years ago. She once worked as a nanny for his daughter. Now, he comes here to find a substitute for his lost daughter to create the illusion that his daughter is still alive. Francis loved his daughter Lisa very much (Christina obviously felt this when she looked after Francis’s children). After Lisa died, he extended this father’s love to Christina. Francis did treat Christina as his daughter. He came here only to see her. He had no unreasonable thoughts about her and no deviant behavior. At the same time, the experience of losing his beloved daughter has strengthened Francis’s awareness of protecting Christina. Christina also somewhat regards Francis as her father. Although the video does not clearly explain, people can still clearly feel that Christina lives in an environment without family warmth, Her attachment to Francis is somewhat at work with the Oedipus complex. Another way Francis created this illusion was to ask his niece Tracy to come to his house every Thursday to “look after the children” and teach his daughter to play the piano. If this situation does not change, these methods can not be said to have no effect on the treatment of Francis’s spiritual trauma. However, everything changes, nothing exists forever, and the development of things is always unexpected.

Christina and Eric are both fresh graduates. Now they work in the “exotic” nightclub. Eric is the host of the dance floor, and Christina is the popular dancer in the strip club, They met each other in the process of looking for a missing little girl (the little girl was Francis’s assassinated daughter). This common history made their relationship closer than ordinary colleagues. Although they did not suffer the misfortune suffered by Francis, they were not satisfied with their situation and had emotional deficiencies. Eric, who majored in radio communication as an undergraduate, couldn’t find a suitable job after graduation and had to drive a taxi. Christina obviously didn’t want to be a stripper in a nightclub. Eric has always had a good feeling for Christina, and Christina also loved the talent at first. Later, Eric lived with the nightclub landlady out of practical considerations (and the landlady was pregnant with his child) and lived a carefree life, but there was no love between the landlady and him. He still loved Christina in his heart. Christina gradually alienated him when she saw Eric’s too secular side. This close and complex connection between them runs through the whole video and has an impact on the relationship between other characters.

Christina gradually alienates Eric and becomes more attached to Francis. Eric doesn’t know the special relationship between Christina and Francis, So that he mistakenly thought that Christina alienated herself because Francis played a mischief in it (such scenes often appear in the video: whenever Christina performed alone for Francis, Eric’s eyes stared at them like the eyes of a falcon, and even forgot to host the show), so he angered Francis and tried to frame him, To destroy his relationship with Christina. According to the rules of the strip club, dancers can touch customers’ bodies at will, but customers can’t touch dancers. However, there are exceptions to the rules. Once, Eric followed Francis to the bathroom and told him that he knew the rules of the striptease game


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