Great Sex Positions For Big Girls


Most people will say that sex is the best thing a person can experience. However, it is usually not as beautiful and perfect as you see in movies or TV shows. In fact, sex is often clumsy and awkward, and you can confirm it by asking a chubby person. Big and beautiful men and women always say that obese sex can be very unpleasant. Especially if you don’t know what you are doing. So if you are a chubby person and have a big size real life MINI SEX DOLL, you should probably try these 6 great sex positions for a big and beautiful person.

6 great sex positions

Sofa arm doggy style

The famous doggie pose may be the most popular pose in the world. But it may be a little uncomfortable for people who are big and fat. (If the subject is a love doll, that is not so unpleasant.) As you know, there are many variations of this great sexual posture, most of which mean that men and women are sitting on their laps. If you have some extra weight, you definitely know how burdensome it is to put all your weight on your legs during intercourse. But we have a painless solution that allows you to enjoy this wonderful sex. All you have to do is to access the sofa in the living room and use the sturdy armrests as support. Then the MINI SEX DOLL will have to bend on the armrest and be able to enter her from a standing position.

Corrected missionary position

If the doggie pose is the sexiest and most exciting pose there, then the classic missionary is the most intimate. As you know, in a normal missionary status, men do push-ups and women lie on their backs. A chubby person may be a problem because his arms cannot support his weight. So if you want to enjoy this pose with his lover, you must bend your knees to support your lower body, and your upper body with your forearms must bend your elbows to rest. This way you will be close to each other without disturbing your stomach.

Sliding between feet

One of the biggest problems that couples encounter in the bedroom is of course finding a good penetration angle. Sliding between the legs is a great position and can provide men with the perfect way to the Promised Land. Real doll should lie on your back with your upper limbs facing the ceiling (slightly sideways). The man then straddled his lower limbs and grabbed his upper limbs to help him slide back and forth. This is the perfect location for big, beautiful and passionate lovers.


Use pillows to assist

The cowgirl position is certainly one of the most popular positions there, but it is not so good for a chubby couple. The girl simply can’t ride her man freely in this position because their belly is blocking the way. On the other hand, the reverse cowgirl is the perfect solution to this problem. In this position, the woman looks at her lover’s legs, so she can lean forward as much as possible. This guy also likes to see her beautiful ass. Women can also use pillows to reduce pressure on their knees. If your opponent is Aiwa, you can control her range of activities.

Bend your knees

No, I’m not here to talk about the role playing of Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow. We are talking about a great “thigh” position. This is basically a reverse cowgirl, with the man’s legs bent on his knees. This allows the female love doll to hug her leg and rub her clitoris on her thigh when riding on a man.

Do it by the bed

When you are a chubby person, almost all positions will make your knee sore. Therefore, the best way to avoid injury is to find a place where a male can insert a female MINI SEX DOLL upright. The best way to achieve this goal is to have the woman lie on her back with her buttocks next to the bed. This provides a good angle of penetration for men, and they can help themselves by grasping women’s feet through piercings. This is one of the most comfortable and sexy poses that two chubby lovers can enjoy every day. Big and beautiful women claim that they are more likely to have orgasm in this position.


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