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How does appeal underwear wear ability to have appeal after all?

Sexy underwear, as the name suggests, is in order to increase the interest between the two parties and need to full body sex doll wear clothes. But how should you wear sexy underwear? When should I wear it? In order to do what it’s supposed to do without making people feel awkward or uncomfortable.

Under normal circumstances, wearing sexy underwear is premeditated. So I don’t wear them around, and I don’t wear who made the sex doll them at home with my pajamas. But if you wear it all the time, it seems too deliberate, feeling whether the girls are too impatient…

Sometimes the spark between two people just happens. It just happens sex doll robot documentary 2020. There’s no time or need for racy lingerie.

And sometimes obviously both parties have this idea, but at this time to wear sexy underwear will destroy the fun and atmosphere, no fun, it is better not to wear.


The most important thing to wear a sexy underwear is to be casual. For example, you can take time or when he goes out to buy things, into the room to change clothes, and then use the phone to send each other an Asian sex doll message: you come to the room, I have a surprise for you.

When he walks into the room, you’re the surprise.


If you have several sets of sexy underwear and don’t know which one he would like, leave the choice to him. At this point, you just need to casually say to him: “dear, you help me come in to choose a dress!” After he is selected, he will be pushed out of the room, let him go to the living room to wait for you to wear.

While waiting, he must have imagined you wearing it a million times. By the time you invite him into your room, he’ll be eager.


A trench coat is a great prop if you want to take the element of surprise. After putting on the sexy underwear, put on the ordinary windbreaker to go to his house, when he opens the door while taking off the windbreaker, torso sex doll you will get the effect you want. Or the place that you agree, after meeting gently say in his ear: “I only wear a windbreaker today!”

After that, he will inevitably take you home or to the nearest hotel to “check” that you really are wearing nothing but a trench coat.


In some special festivals, sexy underwear is also a blessing. This kind of dress up kind of sexy underwear must pick good role, DIY sex doll ability plays the effect.

For example, dress up as a rabbit or a moose for Christmas, or dress up as a maid or a favorite character for his birthday, to make the day special and allow him to see a completely different you.

When choosing sexy underwear, pay attention to choose the right style, for example, if the girl with small breasts, do not choose to choose the breast style. Be sure to pay attention to highlight the advantages of their own body, sex doll factory foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses.

If the waist is good to show the waist, you can choose a two-piece set or lace hollow qipao type; If your legs look good, show them, and you can choose short skirts or garters.

The material of the underwear is also important.

A good material will add texture to the garment, and naturally accentuate the personality of the wearer. In the meantime, the material that has simple sense is qualitative also can bring good feel, make the thing behind more natural. And bad material is deducted points, not only will appear very cheap, but also will reduce the interest TPE sex doll and desire of the other side, for the body will also bring bad health risks.

The essence of sexy underwear is to present a different self than usual, and the meaning behind it is that you are willing to accompany your partner who invented sex dolls to do a seemingly absurd thing and enter another wonderful world together. This is a world where you can have great fun and learn more about each other.



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