Homesex movieHow Much Does Temperature Affect TPE Mini Sex Dolls

How Much Does Temperature Affect TPE Mini Sex Dolls

When you first touch a Mini Mini Sex Doll made of TPE material, you will experience the touch of TPE material, which is unmatched by other materials. But have players ever thought about the best temperature for storing TPE Mini Mini Sex Dolls? ES DOLL provides answers for everyone.

At ESDOLL, our material master recommends taking care of Mini Mini Sex Dolls like human skin. TPE material is sensitive to temperature (cold and heat). However, for most people, what is the temperature resistance of this compound polymer material? There is no clear temperature range for a long time.

According to the information of material reference data, the industry generally believes that the storage temperature range of TPE materials can be maintained between -40℃ and 60℃, but there is no evidence or research that this value range is correct.

According to ESDOLL’s random testing of materials, the data shows that it is necessary to avoid washing TPE Mini Mini Sex Dolls with water exceeding 70°C. Hot water or high-temperature hot water will cause the TPE material to lose stability and cause melting. Such a situation is just like the situation that occurs on human skin. When our skin is damaged by high temperatures, it will make the skin very fragile, causing peeling or burns.

TPE is essentially a very soft material, and it can be stretched to 5-10 times the length of a good finished product. Once the internal stability is destroyed, it will be irreversible, unlike silica gel that can withstand higher temperatures without damaging its physical structure.

In addition, the impact of low temperature on the TPE material is not as serious as the impact of high temperature. Just like humans, the skin of Mini Mini Sex Dolls will feel stiff under low-temperature conditions, and the “fluctuation” of the doll itself will also be suppressed. If the doll is placed in a very cold environment, its material will become rigid and no longer soft.

Compared with temperature, high temperature will destroy the physical structure of TPE, while the low temperature is different, low temperature will only temporarily cause material failure. Once the doll is brought back to the correct temperature, the original stiffness will slowly disappear and return to its original state.

Mini Mini Sex Dolls made of TPE material cannot be treated like dolls made of silicone material, because their composition is different. One thing can be confirmed, that is, the guidance provided by ES DOLL when you buy Mini Mini Sex Dolls are all verified and can be carefully recorded.


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