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How to Avoid Sex Doll Scammers And Looking into The Sex Doll Price Range

How to Avoid Sex Doll Scammers? Have you come across a website selling a life-size sex doll for half the price of a similar doll from another seller? Quite stunning. Right? Whether you already own a sex doll or you’re thinking about buying one, you might have noticed how unreasonable the price range looks.

And just like other industries whose operations are strictly carried out online, the sex doll industry attracts a wave of swindlers who are looking to pounce on innocent buyers by selling subpar dolls. Particularly for first-time buyers, learning how to successfully navigate through your first purchase without falling into the hands of these get-rich-fast individuals is very important.

So, how do you avoid sex doll scammers?

Whether it’s buying an item from the local store for a hyped price only to find it’s defective or buying something online and never having it delivered, we’ve all been scammed in one way or the other. And while you probably let that one slide, it’s not one of the fondest memories. Right?

  1.  Look up for Genuine Reviews from 3rd Party Companies.

For a long time, reviews used to be a sincere way of evaluating a seller. However, most sex doll scammers now generate their own reviews published internally to convince customers to buy from them. So, the only way you can get genuine reviews is through using 3rd party entities like Yotpo which runs an unbiased system to ensure reviews are genuine and verified. So, consider the review system your seller uses before making the decision.

Photos taken by other buyers are also helpful.

Check out the real doll photos taken by SexySexDoll’s customers, reviewed by the 3rd party rating system Yotpo.

  1. Know what to expect

This means that you research on what to expect when it comes to factors like the price, delivery time, warranty, and return policy. Also, don’t fall for the half the price trap of the sex doll scammers. Remember, if it looks too good to be true, it probably is scam.

Also, consider whether or not the seller offers a warranty and how realistic it is. So, make sure you go through different sellers’ policies.

  1. Know what you want

This means researching on what is acceptable in terms of the quality of the sex doll and the amenities based on your budget. Run through a couple of sellers and check the materials they use and the parameters of the dolls. There are different materials used to make sex dolls which translates to varying restrictions and durability.

I’d suggest that you research and understand the pros and cons of each material to determine the best one for your situation. For instance, TPE dolls are relatively affordable, ultra-realistic, and very flexible. However, they are porous and less durable. On the other hand, while silicone dolls are non-porous and more durable, they are also more expensive and not as realistic and flexible like TPE.

  1. Check out the Website and Contact the seller 

When probing the seller’s website, here are some of the questions you should be looking for answers; how precise and clear is the information and images on the site? Are the products well described? Do the images look organic? Consider all this!

After you’re satisfied with the website’s outlook, contact the seller to confirm whether the contact information provided is genuine. Ask questions that you feel are not addressed on the website. This is also a great opportunity to countercheck whether the seller understands what’s on their website.

  1. Contact the Sex Doll Brand

Contacting the sex doll brand to confirm whether the seller is authorized or not is a great step towards wading out sex doll scammers. The Brand will be very supportive to help you buy from a genuine seller because buying from swindlers tarnishes their name and affects business on their side. For example, 6Ye Premium maintains a strict authorization policy over their overseas resellers, you can check with 6Ye to confirm whether the seller is authorized.

Avoid unauthorized sellers at all costs.

  1. What are the Accepted Payment Methods?

A legit seller should offer a variety of payment methods to make it possible to choose the one that resonates with you the most. Make sure secure payment modes like PayPal and Credit cards are included. This way, you can get your money back if things go south.

  1. fAsk for Photos of the Doll to Wading out Sex Doll Scammers


Before you make the payment, ask the seller to send you photos of the sex doll. How real are the photos? Do they look like they are edited? You should only proceed to pay for the doll when you are fully satisfied!

Also, ask about the manufacturing process and shipping. Confirm your doll photos before authorizing shipping!

What to Avoid!

Whatever the case might be, avoid;

  • Unauthorized sellers and websites without trusted reviews
  • Extremely low-priced dolls
  • Alibaba, eBay, Amazon, and Aliexpress- these are sex doll scammers’ hotbeds with multiple cases of swindlers

To sum it up, the sex doll price range is dependent on the quality of the materials used and other features that make them ultra-realistic. And in an industry where transactions are conducted online, sex doll scammers are ready to jump into any chance to rob unsuspecting buyers. So, take your time to analyze the seller. This guide should help you with that.



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