How To Take Apart And Assemble MINI SEX DOLLs


Before going to bed with the new life size MINI SEX DOLL, resist the temptation to tear open the package and meet her. Instead, please follow the simple steps below to properly open and assemble your love doll.

Simple steps

1. Be careful when handling luggage.

The first thing most people notice when trying to move a package is its weight. The courier may be surprised by the weight when it is given to you. On average, a packaged life-size MINI SEX DOLL weighs 50 kilograms, plus all the package weight. When she arrives, your fully packaged MINI SEX DOLL may weigh as much as 100 kg. Please keep this in mind before trying to lift it to protect your love doll and yourself from harm.

If you are not physically strong, if you live in an apartment building with a lot of walking and climbing stairs, you may need to ask for help. Don’t worry about those who know you are bringing home your new MINI SEX DOLL. Your girl is well packed and carefully packed (that is, there is no indication of what is in the box).

2. Find a spacious room

You may need to find a room with ample space and less furniture to unpack and assemble your doll. There you can flatten her, put her on the bed, or open the contents of the package. You should clean the room before she arrives, you don’t want to invite your girl in, you don’t want to spread it in a dirty room. When you want everything to be perfect, you can treat this as your first date.

3. Use a suitable tool to open the package along the seam.

This is a delicate process. Take a box opener, scissors, or knife and carefully cut the seams in the box. Be sure to gently cut the tape along the top edge of the box to prevent punctures and cuts on the girl’s cute body. Cut the top seam to open the box.

sexy female MINI SEX DOLLs

4. Wash your hands and open the head of the MINI SEX DOLL.

Don’t ignore this process. Wash your hands thoroughly before touching the small MINI SEX DOLL. Her skin is smooth and sensitive. No one wants to stain or mark a new love doll with stained glass because their hands are dirty. Wash your hands before opening the package.

Open the box and you can see the head from the package. It will be a bubble wrap shaped like a ball. Disperse the foam from the head, and then carefully remove it. You can store the foam packaging bag for later use when you need to store or transport the doll. Put your head on the clean sheets of the bed and place it there for the next step. When the body part calms down, it will come back.

5. Other items attached to the wholesale doll.

The MINI SEX DOLL comes with some accessories to ensure that your beautiful girl is well taken care of and can be hung in the closet when not in use. Take it out of the box and place it on the floor. After this step, the box should only be left with the body of your doll and the blanket she is riding on.

6. Unfold your body from the foam wrap and blanket.

This may be the most interesting part of the unboxing process. You will take her naked beauty to see your girl. As exciting as this, you need to stay calm and rush to avoid tearing it. When you open the bubble that protects your MINI SEX DOLL, you should be very careful because she travels all the way to your home. The point is to do this very carefully. You won’t like piercing or poking dolls, so use your scissors to take your time.


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