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How To Use And Assemble The MINI SEX DOLL?

Congratulations to those who have just purchased female MINI SEX DOLL. You have made a huge investment. MINI SEX DOLLs can provide dating, sexual gratification, and even add some unique flavor to your relationship. In order to keep your doll in good condition, you need to understand various details, such as how to assemble a new MINI SEX DOLL, how to use the love doll, and the happiness that love doll brings.

Take out from the MINI SEX DOLL box and assemble

When your dream TPE MINI SEX DOLL arrives in your pouch with the deliveryman. Reduce excitement and carefully take your luggage to a spacious room. If you want to unpack and lay the doll flat on the floor next to the box, you need enough space to place and assemble the doll.

Wrap a layer of foam around the MINI SEX DOLL’s body to ensure that the MINI SEX DOLL is intact during transportation. Next, you need to carefully remove these bubbles. At the same time, we also provide many accessories, such as MINI SEX DOLL clothes, pendants, gloves, heating rods, and in some cases, cleaning tools. You need to carefully remove these bubbles and remove the accessories first.

The head of the doll is wrapped in a separate bag and placed on the thigh of the MINI SEX DOLL. You can open the head of the silicone MINI SEX DOLL. Remove it gently and place it on the floor next to your body.

After taking out everything, take out a new life-size love doll. It will not stain the skin or leave marks on the natural body. Therefore, wash your hands before contacting her. At this time, place your arms gently under your body, carefully lift and place it on the floor, and then place it on the blanket.

Put your head and body together, put on a wig, and get dressed. The MINI SEX DOLL has been unpacked and assembled.

MINI SEX DOLLs are always ready to please men, now the dolls are completely at your disposal. This part will guide you on how to have better sex with MINI SEX DOLLs.

Anal sex with your love doll

For people who like anal sex games, this special feeling is to try anal sex with their partner. The butt is usually tighter than the vagina, and the lifelike MINI SEX DOLL is ready to pervert and rampage in all three holes. This is natural, healthy and fun for many people. Just like playing in the vagina, put her at any angle, sprinkle with water-based lubricant, and insert her into the penis from behind. Get a very real, very intense and energetic experience.

Vaginal sex with your love doll

Most customers buy our love dolls to enjoy sex with MINI SEX DOLLs. Vaginal sex is one of the most common ways people enjoy dolls. This makes sense, because every female doll on our website has a functional vagina. You can choose to separate or repair the vagina. Different dolls have vaginas of different sizes. Place the real doll in a position that stimulates sexual urges and insert it into the penis in the usual way for a real woman. You can also ejaculate with a love doll.

Oral sex with your MINI SEX DOLL

Owning a true love doll not only gives you the opportunity to have vaginal and anal sex, but all our true love dolls have open mouths. Get as many blowjobs as possible! 3 Personality speaks, allowing you to freely change the way of sex.

Ejaculate on your chest with your MINI SEX DOLL

Many men like women with big breasts because they like ejaculation. They rub their penis on their huge soft breasts to achieve orgasm and complete ejaculation. This kind of sexual intercourse is limited to women with large breasts. If you don’t have a big breasted wife, a big breasted love doll will help you master this ejaculation method.

The above method with the lover doll can use lubricant to get a more enjoyable experience. In this case, we must choose a water-based lubricant.

Dolls don’t just have sex

She is not only a MINI SEX DOLL, but also your “girlfriend”. Enjoy a romantic candlelight dinner, wine and delicious food with her to relieve stress.

She is a good listener. She tells her all the pressures and worries in work and life, as well as the profound secrets that no one can tell. She may not be able to comfort you with gentle words, but she is always with you. She embraces you warmly, kisses you, and makes you feel good.

She can be your “artwork”. Dressing up and beautifying anime MINI SEX DOLLs can give some fashion designers more inspiration.  https://www.rabudo-ru.com/how-to-use-and-assemble-the-love-doll/



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