Sex & Nudity

Young woman is shown in bikini few times.
Young woman is completely nude while trying to seduce one of the men who raped her.
Graphic rape is shown, with full frontal female nudity. Male nudity is shown, from the back and partial glimpses from the front. The rape scene is protracted and brutal. The victim is beaten, raped and sodomized by three men, while others hold her and watch. She is shown fully nude for almost thirty minutes as she struggles and runs for her life.
Full frontal nudity can be seen when Jennifer swims in a lake.
A woman’s left breast is briefly shown while she showers.
Full frontal nudity can be seen when Jennifer spends a few minutes in a bathroom, with a man. Once Jennifer gets into the bathtub, only her breasts are shown.

Film review:Translated by

I bought this film in about 2000. First, the cover is half naked, the back of a woman with a blood dripping dagger is very sexy, and second, the title “I spit on your grave” is cool. Moreover, there is almost no introduction to the plot on the outer cover, and the photo has not been tinted like ordinary blockbusters to form a type of pornographic or terrorist effect – according to experience, it is likely to be a niche film.

I watched the film in one breath. For violent films, my experience is that I can only watch them when I have good physical strength. For example, Sodom. If anyone claims that he can’t watch this film, I think it’s because of his poor physique and his heart function can’t withstand a severe impact.

This film still surprised me in the middle. Probably because it is not a typical literary film after all, like Sodom (Sodom is actually a farce directed by the director. He deliberately makes such a typed literary film to show you: in fact, I will sprinkle dog blood, but I’m not happy). For example, many men follow the heroine, and the heroine runs out of clothes. In this case, according to the logic of general feature films, the heroine should be able to escape (even if she can’t avoid being arrested in the end), but no, she won’t be given a chance to breathe. For another example, seeing her so beautiful and moving, men should have some pity on her, at least a little pity? No, they treat her like a pile of soulless meat, just playing with her shame and pain. The heroine was lucky not to die. She cried bitterly in the bathtub, but the camera didn’t wantonly manage how to clean her body and mind. It was just like a TV movie. After shooting, it was clear.

What is more trivial is the delivery man who is the most cowardly and admiring her among the men. His fat and white ass is stacked on her and wriggles slightly with the encouragement of the people. It’s not beautiful at all, but it’s not disgusting, because this is a common thing – how many ordinary men just have such fat white buttocks and wriggle slightly on their wives, lovers or prostitutes

As for later, she took revenge, seduced them to her house first, and then cleaned it up one by one. The woman’s character shaping is also a little interesting. After taking a bath, everything is planned. It’s no longer sad or sinking. It’s a bit of a woman’s pride to be the master of the house. This kind of place is very TV and film. The process of revenge is so simple and clear that it doesn’t seem to be done by amateurs.

Generally speaking, this film is like a TV movie. Of course, the cost is obviously not high. A jungle, a lake, a small house and a minor repair station are all there. There are few indoor plays, and even the lighting money is saved. The lens has no trace of operation. The whole is a TV film.

However, this film also gives me great inspiration, that is, the aesthetics of violence is nonsense. Violence is violence and beauty is beauty. We must bring these two concepts together and create a new concept, which is completely nonsense. Violence should be violence itself, not to mention whether it is beautiful or not. If a knife is cut, it will open the skin and flesh. Although the blood is red, it can’t say how beautiful it is. Bleeding will hurt, and if it flows too much, it will be life-threatening. When the blood is cold, it will condense, which is a little disgusting. As for beauty, the scenery of lakes and mountains, bright eyes and bright teeth are all beauty, but they have nothing to do with violence.

We must take violence aesthetics as an example, that is, people who are afraid of violence and do not understand beauty. Those who are infatuated with the so-called violence aesthetics, I think, are out of weakness and lack of qualification to immerse themselves in pure beauty. Mainly weakness.


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