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I Think Japanese Mini Sex Dolls Are My Companions

“I live with Lilika and Eureka. I think Japanese Mini Sex Dolls are my companions. I chat with them and they follow me everywhere in the room. Fred, 35, is an expert. After a disappointing disappointment, he received his first doll in 2010. “I am a very shy person. My emotional relationships are all failures. When I discovered the movie “Monique”, it was a real Japanese Mini Sex Doll. I thought Americans, buyers could order food to be a woman. Available in six bodies, three skin tones and twenty-five faces. Not to mention the color of eyes, nipples, hair … “There are more than 30,000 possibilities,” Jean-Philippe said. Future lovers can also choose the classic vagina or “removable”, “vaginal” is easier to clean. The anus is also “available”. For the Lord of the Rings fan, Jean-Philippe also offers a seductive elf. Who buys Dolls Story enthusiasts? “In most cases, men are alone, but couples and even women. I leave the studio motionless in my heart: I will never see my bride again in a few days.



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