I Want To Put Cute Clothes On The Doll!


I want to put cute clothes on the realistic sex doll! Introduce how to choose and precautions

Dressing a sex doll can make it more cute and sexy. However, when choosing clothing, keep in mind various points and precautions. Here are some tips on clothes for people who are about to buy. If you buy love dolls at OkSexDoll, we also provide free sexy underwear.

1. Match any outfit

The charm of TPE Love dolls is that they are as real as real women. In addition, the ratio is excellent compared to real people. It has the so-called Bonkyubon style, so it will look great in any outfit. Of course, you can wear plain clothes. Wearing uniforms will make Lori tickle. By letting you play as an anime role, you can use your favorite characters as themes. You can also wear it in a swimsuit or underwear for a sexy effect. Putting on the kimono and taking off the kimono a little bit, you can enjoy different eroticism. The thighs peeking out of the messy kimono are naughty enough even in the state of clothes.

Sending information via SNS is also fun. Now, anyone can easily send information using SNS. For example, how about putting on all kinds of clothes for Aiwawa and uploading it to Instagram? By doing this, all kinds of people can see their favorite love dolls. It is an ideal existence and will become your own exclusive model for a long time.

2. Dimension check required

One thing to keep in mind when dressing Aiwawa is size. If the size is not suitable, even if it is cute or sexy, the charm will be cut in half. Basically looking for clothes according to the height of Aiwawa, there will be no big mistakes. However, compared with humans, there are many products with good styles. Therefore, if the height matches, it may cause problems such as tight bust and sleeve length mismatch. If you have a big breasted love doll, you should make your jacket bigger. Or, it is recommended to choose a material with excellent elasticity.

・Small doll

Please note that some mini sex dolls are about 100 cm in size. When dressing for such a compact model, you need to pay attention to how to choose it. For dolls of about 100 cm, the size of the children’s clothes will match. In this case, even a doll with a sexy image will look cute. Especially if you want to become an adult woman, you may get into trouble because of the narrowing of the choice of clothes. In this case, one technique is to wear large clothes. However, if you keep it like this, it won’t look good. So I pulled it back with clothespins to stop it. Then you can put on sexy clothes without discomfort.

The main points of wearing a bra. Some people may want to wear a bra for their love doll. The size of a bra may be unfamiliar to men, but it is determined by the combination of the large size and the lower bust. If the difference is 12.5 cm, the cup will rise in increments of 2.5 cm. For example, a B cup, if it is 15 cm, it is a C cup. It is a good idea to check the top and bottom dimensions. However, even if it is a small error in size, Ai Wawa’s breasts are arrogant and beautiful, so it doesn’t look so strange.

You can enjoy different ways by dressing up the love doll in various ways. But if the size is not appropriate, it looks awkward. It is best to first understand the size information, and then choose your favorite clothing.


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