Sex & Nudity

The character Lena is topless many times throughout and with pubic hair exposed a few times.
A woman and a man have sex in her room. The scene includes male and female nudity, front and back but genitals are barely visible. The couple are shown nude in a kneeling embrace and again lying together afterwards. Then they make love again, and again the scene cuts from starting to afterwards.
The same couple make love fully clothed on a bridge in full view of a security guard.
The couple are shown in close-up engaged in cunnilingus and mutual fondling of the genitals. The woman kisses and caresses the partially obscured penis through his abundant pubic hair with her lips, purposely avoiding anything further to limit censorship. Nevertheless, this is the scene that resulted in this film being seized by U.S. Customs around 1969, found at trial to be obscene but reversed on appeal.
A man and a woman fight nude and end up having sex. This scene includes extensive frontal nudity but the male’s is obscured by dark shadows and pubic hair.
The couple make love in a tree, in full view of a number of people.
A book has line drawings of couples in various sexual positions.
A woman is topless throughout a retreat. This is an extended sequence.
A man and a woman are seen fully nude being treated for scabies. This sequence includes close-up shots of her breasts and his genitals.
We see a man urinating from behind, fully clothed, twice.
There is frank discussion of sexual topics including responsible free love.

Violence & Gore

One character shoots another in a fantasy sequence. There is no blood in this scene. She then partially unzips him and uses a knife to remove his genitals. The details are off screen and is obviously fake, meant to be symbolic.


The S-word is used once. Otherwise, the occasional “damn” and “hell” is as strong as it gets.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Two of the major characters smoke one cigarette during the couse of the film.

Film review:Translated by

Sex and Revolution

There is a very strange phenomenon in China, that is, good films can only be found in the three-level film pile. Naturally, this film is also the capital of the sex map I found in the three-level film pile. People who go to see the film with the idea of romance and snow moon must scold Keng dad in the end. In fact, it is all revolutionary ideas. Many times, revolution and sex are actually the same truth. That is the cultural revolution Some young people are adrenaline secretion is exuberant, driven by sexual desire, go to the streets to fight capitalist gangs, shave Yin and Yang, wear high hats, take a slap and a kick, all hanging with SM. Where is the difference between Mao Xuan and Japanese films?


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