The plot of the film is about a 9 year old’s obsession with breasts, frequent breast nudity is apparent
Five sex scenes in the film as well, not very graphic.

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Twilight floats up from the noisy world, like water and ink on rice paper. The moon quietly climbed up the branches, revealing the feminine tenderness and charm. This kind of delicacy and charm is attached to a curtain cloth and presents us with an indescribable dreamland and sounds of nature. Spanish films are so psychedelic and publicity, tapping the moral bottom line of the world with straightforward and naive language. Perhaps, as Havelock Ellis said, “the art of life is only a subtle mixture of the two”. La TetA y La Luna intercepted fragments of life, but presented us with the illusory beauty and brilliance of art.

The restoration of Oedipus complex

This is an exquisite fairy tale describing Oedipus complex. It focuses on recalling the past fairy tales with light ink and thick color, and abstracts a lactation fantasy full of motherhood with hard edge. Child Artest has crazy love and worship for maternal breasts. Every time he climbs the “human tower”, he will unconsciously touch Vanessa’s chest. He can’t help peeping at the nude statue passing by the hospital. Unfortunately, his brother’s birth made him unable to reach his mother’s breast. He could only stare at the moon in the mirror at night and pray for his own breast. There is no doubt that the arrival of the woman Estelle Lida perfected this wish. The child was infatuated not only with the woman’s breasts, but also with the woman, so he seriously said to his father, “I’m in love.”. What a crazy language comes out of a child’s mouth will appear extraordinarily pure and pious. In fact, the child’s behavior is more pious. His love for women is limited to tracking, peeping and flattering, and his worship of breasts is limited to stealing a woman’s bra and asking to touch a woman’s breasts. Freud once defined such orientation and behavior of children as “lip stage”, which is the first stage of sexual consciousness initiation after birth. Obviously, this sprouting is exaggerated, profound and difficult to extricate from Artest.

Of course, director bigas Luna does not blindly depict the child’s Oedipus orientation, nor does she unreasonably fabricate the child’s inner process. She chooses as many children’s subjective perspectives as possible to gain insight into the world of non good and non evil and the wandering human beings. Human love is transformed by children into attachment to motherhood and breast milk. His young heart is not only accepting the love of the world, but also releasing feelings to the outside world. After Artest lost his mother’s care, the object of his emotional release was transferred to another woman’s body.

Children’s attachment to their mother is entirely out of nature. It is the admiration and longing for the mother’s noumenon, which is the fundamental source of the sense of belonging of human nature. In the process of seeking root and habitat, what cannot be erased is the pursuit and prayer for the uterus and the mother. In Latin, the uterus means the mother, which is closer to the meaning of pregnant carrier. However, the confinement of the offspring’s nature and the stripping of the sense of belonging make the children fall into a state of panic and helpless, which also coincides with an indisputable fact that repression makes the release crazy and hysterical.

Men move towards maturity

The attention and interpretation of women in Spanish films are full of exotic customs. The same is true for this film. Although the female perspective is not directly selected, the director still outlines an angular female character with concise condensation, delicate techniques and skilled skills. She pays great attention to the fragments at a glance and gives tenderness and comfort to the pain of the torn scars. However, even so, video can not avoid the awakening of women’s creative consciousness, which is only a compensation for the other half of the space-time world.

In 1996, Dutch director Marin Grice’s [Antonia’s way] used psychoanalysis to explore the status of maternal subject in the male dominated world. In the video, “sex” is described as maternal subject’s sense of joy and male giving behavior. In the past, sex, which symbolized male social reproduction tool, has become the process of maternal subject’s active expectation to experience the joy of inheriting life. The film seems to be reshaping the authority of the mother in a child’s tone, but in essence, it is interpreting the story of a man moving towards maturity. The video starts with the female body rising from the music box and ends with the female falling into the music box again. The woman’s comfort and generosity seem to run through the ups and downs of the story. She cruises among the three innocent men, perhaps winning sympathy, perhaps satisfying desire, restraining or comforting the soul. However, her behavior is tantamount to promoting the transformation of the three men’s personality, and pushing the men to the center of the stage with tolerance and calm. The role of women in fuelling the flames was undoubtedly demonstrated in the process of building “human tower” by “human ladder hands” before and after. Child Artest is the “top” of the “human tower”. At first, he was afraid to climb the top and fell into a red ocean on the edge of no support. After a period of entanglement, the child’s longing and memory for the mother became introverted and condensed. At the end, he finally broke through the cowardly psychological defense line and successfully climbed to the top of the human tower, which also showed the return of male authority and the establishment of male center.

The video is much more secretive about the growth performance of the other two men. Michelle can’t resist the temptation of love. She is involved in obsession and intoxication. After attempted suicide, she returns to a new life. As the film says, “the Mediterranean is only suitable for children”, and men need to pursue a broader ocean. Perhaps men need a lot of such steps from childish children to maturity, to Chengfu and deep adulthood. Women will always play an auxiliary role in remembering and inheriting, and feed, reproduce and live with women’s unique Yin softness and tenacity.

The evasion of art to life

Many people say that art always tries its best to reveal the truth behind the appearance of the world and express its true inner feelings. Of course, this statement is reasonable. What’s behind life is always hard to say. However, the boundary between art and life is not so clear. Even if it is clear, it will disappear and disappear.

The most natural needs of the human world are obscene and unattractive after being morally constrained, so the film, as a inheritance tool, has gone to unreasonable extremes. All kinds of indulgence in lust and worship of organs are allowed and amplified, and the masters continue to carry out the so-called “art”. Different from most indulgents, this film is not popular in the display of “sexual” interest. The director’s vision is obviously broad and broad. The unique characteristics of women make the video move towards an open plain in moral research. This openness and inclusiveness also makes the “sex” throughout the beginning and end of the video not so hot and abrupt, because the video makes us feel more spiritual life, a fit between indulgence and abstinence, art and life. This fit has gone far beyond the boundary between art and life and reached a more difficult to explain height, which is not only constructing art, but also deconstructing life.

In the video, a Spanish love song lingers: “the first dawn in the morning, I wake up and think about where you are?” In fact, the life people pursue is not so art. Although the life we pursue is confused, it is not so far away. Perhaps it’s best to greet the light of the morning quietly, don’t rush forward, and don’t forget to thank the sunset for the dying light of the morning.


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