Sex & Nudity

Seen far away from behind, a young woman walks naked in girl’s dormitory.
They are shown naked in the bachelors room pouring water over themselves to bathe.
In one scene his genitals are visible. She is shown in full frontal and back nudity throughout.
Though the actress plays a teenager, she was not a minor when filming.
Long sex scenes, quite intense. Long looks at her naked body. Realistic looking sex scenes.

Violence & Gore

A man beats his younger sister
A man hits a girl and then has rough sex with her


Minimal, a few curse words here and there.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Several characters smoke throughout the film
Wine is consumed, as well as what is most likely opium.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

A few heated arguments between family members.

The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.
Sex & Nudity
On her second visit, he meets her at the door and immediately they grasp, begin tearing off their clothes and have sex naked immediately on the ground in front of the door. He thrusts vigorously, walking her body as he does across the floor, as they pant and moan. He then kisses her as he descends on her body, ending between her legs.
He lies naked half turned on the bed while she walks completely naked from the next room, waters a bonsai, then joins him on the bed. She begins kissing his face and neck, sticks her tongue between his lips, then reaches between his legs. She then slides on top as he strokes her buttocks. She sits up and rocks, moaning. He leans forward and they embrace, thrusting. There is then sequence of glimpses of various body parts and expressions of ecstasy.
She matter of factly tells him she has been cast off at school because of her shameful association with him, a Chinese, she being white, and their presumed Inappropriate association. She says no one speaks to her at school except her French teacher, that families have complained she’s a slut and that she’s been fondled by a Chinaman.
He tells her to say she only thought of getting money from the time they met. He whispers to her “you’re a whore” but she replies that she doesn’t find his language disgusting but to the contrary and she begins to reach underneath his bathrobe and begins stimulating him. He stops her, saying she’s made him suffer, that he’d love to possess her but he’s without strength. He says he has lost his desire for her because she doesn’t love him.

Film review:Translated by

I just watched the movie last night and was still immersed in the emotion and regret at the last moment. I am very surprised by this sense of regret. When reading the novel, my emotions naturally follow Duras’s words. I mixed up my feelings of dependence, vanity and disgust for this Chinese man, and finally found that there was an unexpected love of exile; In the video, I like this man so much that at the beginning, what Jane got from him, the consideration, admiration, carefree money, physical contact, talking and listening, everything has feelings in it, but that kind of disgust is hard.

Then I suddenly thought of a scene. It turned out that it was this scene that made the whole video different from the mood of the novel: Tony invited Jane’s family to dinner. This is a very angry play. Tony is the gold owner, and the family he invited despised him without concealment. The so-called cannibal mouth is soft, and this group of low-ranking French still justifiably dislike the Yellow skinned Chinese because of their skin color. Later, on the dance floor, Jane’s big brother (whether really drunk or not) began to provoke Tony.

In the novel, the image of the Chinese portrayed by Duras is cowardly, from body to mind: his father’s generation became rich by selling land to the Japanese (betraying the country). He can’t and can’t resist the feudal marriage, and his body is also thin. On the dance floor, when Jane’s big brother said, do you want to have a fight? Maybe I can get one for you. Tony’s response is that you can equal me four. Please see how weak I am. Jane, who was determined to resist her eldest brother, was extremely disappointed and disgusted after hearing this dialogue, so she started a close dance with her brother, which meant self practice. It was a kind of revenge. Tony just sat aside and began to cry cowardly. Such a man, after coming back, has to hit people. It’s more than dirty and obscene.

When I read this paragraph, I hated this coward with empathy, as if he really had nothing but money. This hatred implicates all the subsequent retaliatory injuries: I don’t love you, I just want money. Finally, on the ship across the Indian Ocean, when hatred retreated, she saw the love covered by hatred.

In the video, Liang Jiahui’s role is really difficult to connect with cowardice, but more stable, restrained, tolerant and principled (he is simply a benign rich and handsome). In response to Jane’s big brother, the same line (you can equal me four, please see how weak I am.) It was more like a restrained and graceful threat, with self-esteem and momentum, which restrained Jane’s brother; So that I can’t understand Jane’s behavior after that. The factors of “women disappointed and hated because of deep love” can’t be put here. The only explanation is her deep discrimination and shame, but it has nothing to do with love. I can also deeply understand his tears and the slap behind him. It is a man’s hurt self-esteem.

This scene has changed a lot of things, because it is difficult for you to use “cowardice” as a reason. In the video, I even want to believe that if Tony tries so many times (there are many dialogues and details in the film), as long as Jane is willing to admit her love once, Tony will resist his marriage; Just after too many disappointments, Tony said he died for his lover. He accepted marriage and life, with broken self-esteem and despair of love. After marriage, he didn’t go to that room again, even the last farewell. He was just a shadow in the black car. As far as he is concerned, this woman has never loved him, so she no longer has hope and desire; The heart is dead, you don’t have to die again.

Even so, he paid off his lover’s family’s debts and bought a good ticket. In the novel, there is more of a business relationship, and in the video, he did these things silently, because he said it later through Jane’s mother. Once again, this is a magnanimous man.

Liang Jiahui played Tony with sincerity, restraint and self-esteem, which was very different from the “cowardly Chinese” in the novel. I’m not sure whether Liang Jiahui deliberately acted like this, or because in the eyes of the director, these valuable forbearance and restraint for the Chinese people are equivalent to cowardice in the western concept?


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