A girl rips her pantyhose apart at the crotch to have sex with a man.

Film review:Translated by www.rabudo-ru.com

This is an immeasurable film.

Every shot is like a serious ceremony. Serious gloom, serious banter, serious passion, violence and destruction.

Every dialogue is like the confession, prayer and metaphor of the victims. Everyone is a victim before God.

Every piece of music and tear is like a surging sacrifice and ode.

It is about revenge, but the expressive process is full of unique surprises and talents. It is about violence, but behind the beating, smashing, looting and burning is a spiritual riot like a clockwork orange.

Mickey is an empty nuclear bomb. Because of his complete love, he can destroy and bid farewell to the world under Beethoven’s Symphony and impromptu dance steps.

Mary is a gust of angry wind. She has no rules and goals. Under the primitive and pure desire, she just leaves her own traces on the leaves at the top of the tree when necessary. Come and go like empty competition.

Leon is just a broken bullet. In the continuous loading and jamming, he witnessed the absurdity, baptism and destruction of scenes. He is just an accidental interposer and witness. He can only express and defend his love through neurotic fragility. If he had nothing, he was pushed around and ravaged by his love and the whole world as a virgin. All his desires are suppressed and sealed at the exit of the final climax. He is full of power, but he does nothing. He is not his, he may be God.

This is a unique and perfect film. This is my greatest and amazing discovery since I started collecting discs seven years ago. Please let me return the passion I gained from it to it, and wait for it to flourish again after the passage of time.

Finally, pay tribute to Andre zulaski! Salute the idiot! As a first meeting gift


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