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MINI SEX DOLL Storage Method And Matters Needing Attention

The storage of female MINI SEX DOLL is one of the issues that everyone who loves dolls must consider. Some people acknowledge the existence of MINI SEX DOLLs, but others oppose the use of MINI SEX DOLLs and look strange. This is one of the reasons why people still need to hide their love dolls at home so that other people cannot see them because your sex life is a private life. Unless your wife or family knows that there is a MINI SEX DOLL at home, you may need to hide it safely until you can use it alone.

You may just want to know what type of love doll to buy, but there must be storage problems after purchase. Therefore, you may need to consider storage issues when shopping. In order to store it conveniently, you can choose a small real doll that is easy to store. It doesn’t matter if you like big MINI SEX DOLLs. When it comes to storing love dolls, the choices are endless. There are countless ways, from shelves to storage boxes. In this article, I introduced some very practical storage methods.

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MINI SEX DOLL storage method

1. Storage box

A large storage box is a good choice. Both online and local stores have large storage boxes of various sizes and materials, such as rattan, wood, and plastic. You can choose large storage boxes of different sizes and materials to suit your budget and materials. You can buy a storage box the size of your TPE MINI SEX DOLL and store it in your bedroom.

2. Under the bed

The bottom of the bed is where most people store things. This is the best way to save space in your home. The bottom of the bed is definitely a good choice for storing dolls. Not easy to find. In most cases, the spare parts under the bed are least likely to be overturned by others. But the dolls and storage boxes are relatively tall, so you need to measure the size of the bed to see if there is enough space for storage.

3. Wardrobe

The wardrobe has enough space to store your love doll and hang your clothes. When storing in the closet, be careful not to put clothes dyed by MINI SEX DOLLs. It stains the color of clothes and affects their appearance.

4. Hang in the room with a professional hook

It can be seen that doll factories that produce silicone MINI SEX DOLL are generally stored in this way. Why? Because it is hung vertically, try to avoid contact with other places, sprinkle talcum powder, and store it in a cool and dry place. Love dolls can be stored for a long time. This is the best way to save. If you have a place where you can hang MINI SEX DOLLs, you can try it. But it is best to hang indoors. Otherwise, you will look like a passerby.

When storing MINI SEX DOLLs vertically, make sure your feet are on the floor. Do not hang the doll around your neck (with your feet off the ground). I think the love doll on the neck will not break if it is hung freely, but it may put pressure and tension on the neck and deform the metal skeleton. Therefore, when the doll is stored with its feet touching the ground, the force is more evenly distributed along the doll, and the doll’s skeleton is not easily deformed.

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5. Storage sofa

There are many storage sofas in the online store. You can buy a storage sofa suitable for storing MINI SEX DOLLs according to the size of your love doll. The advantage of buying this kind of storage sofa is that others don’t know that there is something on the sofa. You can also put the sofa in the living room or other places.

6. Another room

If your house has enough space and space for clutter, you can put a love doll there. Just lock the room so that other people don’t know, and you have a private space for your family to use.

No matter which storage method you use, you must carefully protect the skin surface of RealDoll. You can use 100% cotton Muslim dust bag. It prevents excessive sunlight, dust particles, high humidity and other pollutants.

In general, here are 6 tips on how to store your love doll. I hope you can find a suitable way to hide your MINI SEX DOLL.

Precautions for storage of true love dolls

Now that everything is disassembled, before storing your anime MINI SEX DOLL somewhere, you need to remember the following points:

1. Do not store MINI SEX DOLLs with clothes, because the cloth will stain your skin.

2. It is best to use a soft support or cushion under the buttocks to avoid deformation and abrasions as much as possible.

3. When storing the doll, make sure that the doll is not stretched.

4. Wrap the doll with a bed sheet or protective cover to prevent dust particles from entering.

5. Avoid wearing tight clothing, because things like rubber bands will leave permanent dents on MINI SEX DOLLs.

6. Avoid extreme temperatures, because extreme high and low temperatures will distort the characteristics of the love doll over time.

7. Do not store MINI SEX DOLLs in direct sunlight. Direct exposure to sunlight can cause uneven facial features and skin fading.  https://www.rabudo-ru.com/love-doll-storage-method-and-matters-needing-attention/



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