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Love for Lifelike Sex Dolls? – The technological advances of the most natural thing in the world-【oudoll】

 Love for lifelike sex dolls? – The technological advances of the most natural thing in the world

Preferences, needs and special requests are often discussed in the bedroom, but what happens when your own desires go unfulfilled? Sex robots are the answer. You can currently purchase a production model for around 10,000 euros. They speak and respond to touch and spoken commands – they also share their owners’ preferences. But who really cares about sex dolls and will they affect the future of our love life?

From love toys to sex partners love dolls

Smart toys and exciting toys have had their place in the bedroom for quite some time. So why not a realistic robot? 45 percent of respondents admitted to using sex toys at times, and 30 percent used them regularly. So the step from intelligent dildo to intelligent love doll doesn’t seem so far away. However, the social and technical development is still in its infancy: Only 14 percent of those surveyed admitted to having sex with an intelligent sex doll. On the other hand, more than half expressed no interest in having robotic sex. But China already has robots that look very real and feel very human – and when asked, more than 50 percent said they would want to have sex with one of these hyper-realistic dolls, and another 9 percent could imagine doing so.

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Lifelike sex dolls for a better world?

Technology is moving particularly fast in the adult industry: first smart sex toys, then virtual reality porn, and now lifelike sex dolls. Why shouldn’t technological advances shape the brothel of the future? At the moment there is no trend for machines to replace prostitutes. Only 13 percent of respondents would be willing to visit a robot brothel, but 38 percent would consider doing so. By the way, there is a facility in Barcelona where you can test them by the hour.

Secret fantasies: sex with a star?

The high cost is the main thing that will put consumers off: one day, when smart sex dolls don’t cost as much as a new car, 15 percent of respondents would invest immediately. 38 said that if they had the money to spare, they would only spend the money on a realistic silicone doll. This means that more than half of the respondents were at least theoretically willing to buy a love machine. Currently, up to 100,000 euros can be spent on such a robot. The advantage: it is possible to design the outside according to your own wishes. For example, you can choose the look of an ex-girlfriend or a superstar. Only 1.5 percent of respondents would consider having fun with a robot that looks like Angelina Jolie or another famous person. More than half said there is no way to consider them. Anyone interested in the gender of the future can try out new technologies and gadgets at VENUS, the largest trade fair for eroticism and lifestyle in Berlin. Various manufacturers will present their exciting innovations from October 12th to 15th.



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