Sex & Nudity

A young boy kisses a lady in a room.
Some young boys are seen in their underwears, measuring their penises. Their penises are not shown.
Exclusive to the European version: A topless woman washes her breasts with water and lemon. Both breasts and nipples are visible in closeups.
Exclusive to the European version: A kid is hugging a naked woman during a dream with his face inches away from her visible pubic hair. Her breasts are visible in this scene too.
Exclusive to the European version: A naked woman is on top of the boy kissing him then licking his bare chest. Her breasts are visible. Then gives him a blowjob, we only see the boy’s reaction.
Exclusive to the European version: A far shot in which a woman takes off the underwear of a boy, causing his semi-erect penis to flip up, seen only very briefly before he covers it with his hand.
A woman takes off her bra and panties in readiness to have sex with a young boy. Her exposed breasts are visible.
Exclusive to the European version: A different image ratio of the same scene described above shows the woman’s pubic hair as she takes her panties off.
A man drags a woman into her room and rapes her. He can be seen licking her exposed breast and nipple.

Violence & Gore

A man smacks his son when he sees him sleeping with a woman’s underpants.
A man is punched by a group of men and is knocked down. A young man helps him up.
A woman is dragged out then beaten in public by a mob of angry women. Her hair is cut and blood is visible on several parts of her body.
Malèna is seen beaten up by an angry mob of women. They brutally kick her, and smack her for a minute or two. A woman cuts her hair appearing entirely bald. She is shown to have little blood on her head. Blood is seen on her mouth, her chest, and her knee is seen what looks like the skin of the knee being cut. Bruises are seen around her eyes.

Film review:Translated by

I have always liked this poster. Malina, magnified by the camera, is both the background and the theme. Inadvertently, Zhang is obviously beautiful. He bends down and looks elsewhere. It is so quiet that beauty becomes a temperament, an aftertaste and a distant legend. After death, looking at the wandering youth, where do the fuzzy eyebrows look? Malena, his dream, about the first approach of love and beauty, is also a dream of a more blurred town behind him. Indeed, in their dreams, only this woman is clear, magnified, but can never be touched.

A simple and somewhat vulgar story: during the war, an ordinary town in Sicily, an intoxicating widow, became the object of all men’s fantasies and all wives’ curses, lived in the haze woven by desire and jealousy, and finally had to be reduced because of life choices. After the war, she was driven out of the town. When the disabled husband came back to look for her, everyone just laughed and only “I” – an ignorant teenager gave him the direction to look for, because only “I” was the one who really loved Malena and only “I”.

This is one of the three steps for Italian humanistic director Giuseppe tonatore to find. It is translated into “Malena” in English and “true love with me”. I think it is not as good as the Chinese film title “the beautiful legend of Sicily”. It reads like a dusty past, which people miss and can’t bear to mention.

The biggest feature of the video is to show the world from the perspective of young letona. The beautiful Malena is the goddess of his adolescence and the beginning of his sexual consciousness. Like all the men in the town, he couldn’t extricate himself from his beauty. After school every day, he ran to the roadside just to wait for the graceful Malena to walk gently by him. Every evening, he climbed up the high roof, just to see Malena dancing alone in the living room. All he can do is wait, pay attention and fantasize, so pure. I like the scene very much: letona lies in bed, puts the stolen Malena’s underwear on her face and masturbates. Perhaps because he is a child, perhaps because we can understand the emotional truth. In short, this way of expression will not make people feel obscene. On the contrary, the steel wire bed creaks like music, and the quilt fluctuates rhythmically like waves. You can almost imagine the expression on the teenager’s face, and the whole room is full of happiness factors. That kind of happiness has nothing to do with masturbation itself, but a pure heart wakes up from sleep and releases its love. It is clean, pure and extremely happy… Compared with it, when he really had close contact with Malena soon, his heart was very painful. Because at that moment, letona, who was brought to the brothel by his father to promote his growth, had only heartache, only fear and sadness in the face of the guidance of the dream lover who had cut off his long hair and struggled. Just as you love the white snow in winter, but like many people, you leave black footprints on it. This is full of fatalism. I think the director deliberately arranged this comparison. Let us see that love and beauty are flowers blooming on the other side, and letona’s growth also takes place in each of us: love is like an illusion in adolescence. Pure and beautiful, but can’t grow up. However, no matter from which point of view, Malena helped the teenager grow into a man, which itself is warm.

Of course, the director’s intention is not only to describe the process of awakening a teenager’s sexual consciousness, but also to show the weakness of human nature, desire and jealousy in reality, which is the reason why love and beauty cannot be reached.

Malena was always quiet in the manic town. Because of her beauty, people love her (to be exact, the so-called love is only an excuse for desire), and because of her beauty, people hate her. The whole video is intertwined with expectation and insult, slander and worship. Women call her a slut. In fact, they are full of envy for her beauty. When men say how coquettish she is, they all want her, even a look in her eyes. Beauty, which ignites the fire of desire and jealousy, has also become an obstacle to her life. Winning a lawsuit, getting food, and even the most basic right to live must be at the expense of the body. She insisted and fought, but in the end, when her husband died and her deaf old father didn’t believe in her chastity, how could she live by will. Cut off the long black hair with abundant cleanliness and luxuriance and apply thick powder on the face. The eyes are still quiet, but it must be very painful at that moment. She represents you to give up all your persistence and faith, give up yourself and give up your only hope for the world. Is it doomed to loneliness and suffering because of beauty? No, because the weakness of human nature is doomed that beauty cannot be rooted in the secular world.

At the end of the war, prostitutes who had served the Germans were driven out of the town. Women can finally openly abuse this woman who makes them envy and envy with the most vicious language. They beat her and tear her clothes as if to tear up the beauty at once, while men are silent, sorry or sorry. They are all the same cold. No one has really loved her and really understood her beauty, except the boy, She did not sacrifice her husband. At this moment, Malena finally cried. She didn’t struggle. She just hugged herself tightly with her arms and cried. I think it is not only because of injury and pain, but also because of the outbreak of depression for a long time. She has been quiet for too long, quietly bearing all the insults and blasphemies brought by her flowery face. She finally cried and washed all the wounds with tears to prove that she was still alive.

Many years later, Malena returned to the small town with her surviving but disabled husband. At this time, what people saw was not the beautiful young woman who provoked the heartstrings of that year, but an ordinary middle-aged woman. His body is a little bloated, his clothes and hairstyle are very simple, and he carries a basket to buy things in the market. Every woman looked at her in surprise, and then something incredible happened: they began to talk to her affectionately, even gave her something warmly, and took her arm as if she were an excellent friend… We don’t have to think about the reason. In short, the director arranged such an ending is a trace of warm pain, a mixture of darkness and kindness of human nature. Instead of reaching the other shore, he gave up his voyage. Finally, Malena’s back disappeared. On the way home, at the end of the screen, what did not change was quiet eyes and elegant gait. She is still beautiful. Just as the old boy would recall, “in the future, I have dated many women, but my favorite is Malena.” Love is so eternal.

This video was seen two years ago and has not been revisited. It seems that after time, it precipitates a little in my heart. These days, I always think of Malena’s eyes, so I have a lot of feelings about the film. It’s strange to think that Hollywood does not lack beautiful women: the purity of Winona Ryder, the brightness of Julia Roberts, the wildness of Angelina Jolie, and the sexiness of Jennifer Lopez… But no one can play Marina except the Italian model actress. I have carefully read many photos of Monica beruzzi. It can be said that no female star dares to expose her body so wantonly without worrying about the picture becoming pornographic. Indeed, in all the photos, her eyes are clean, like the lake, which makes her expression even a little serious. She can show her beauty so frankly and look at the world so frankly that you have to believe that she is pure in heart. Her beauty is not only sexy, but also the calm to bear the sexy. From the unknown performance in “four hundred years of blood sucking shock”, to the popular “Malena”, and then to the controversial “irrevocable”, Monica will perform naked or passionate in almost all videos, but no one says she is a pornographic actress, which is her uniqueness. A person’s purity has nothing to do with his body. I think that’s what Malena wants to explain. That’s why tonatore only glanced at Monica and determined that she was the heroine. Her beauty is like a dream in the morning, so close and so far away.

The beautiful legend of Sicily is neither beautiful nor romantic. It’s just like a dusty past. I can’t bear to mention it and make people think about it. Like the teenager, I put Malena in my heart and looked at the other side. There is still a face like flowers in full bloom


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