Homesex movieMes nuits sont plus belles que vos jours (1989)Movie Sex & Nudity

Mes nuits sont plus belles que vos jours (1989)Movie Sex & Nudity

We see the full frontal nudity of Blanche (Sophie Marceau) several times throughout the film. It’s not vulgar though.
Lucas and Blanche are having sex and touching each other.

My impressions of Sophie Marceau always stay in the 1996 Guerlain perfume advertisement: Pride and willful walking in front of Eiffel Tower, the wind blowing black clothes and long hair, Champs Elysees flying wine everywhere — this is the best French woman image in my mind, but it is also a beautiful illusion in material life. The French are far more romantic than this. Of course, the so-called pain (in my eyes) is even more strange.

MES Nuits sont plus belles que Vos jours is such a film with strange pain. It is translated in Chinese. My night is more beautiful than your day, directed by zolaski. A computer word genius who was invaded by a virus met a woman with perspective ability and fell in love. Their body and spirit stimulate each other, and finally men and women sink into the sea

After watching it for less than ten minutes, I presented such a state: half of my body and mind were dissolved, but the other half of my body and mind were exposed. The fusion half and the bare half took the leading position alternately, which made me sad. I don’t understand French and I can’t understand a sentence of dialogue, which also frustrates me. My intuition is that the translator of this film is either unprofessional or unprofessional. There are many sentences that should be wonderful. Therefore, one word after another pops up without association and makes people confused.

Further down, there is a strange conflict. The naked half wants to go in and the dissolved half wants to come out. I really want someone to give me a stick behind my back and knock me out. Dreams, childhood, the past, the present and fantasy, and the future crowded together without saying hello, without the concept of time and space. I’m too lazy to distinguish their states. Maybe I don’t have to distinguish them at all.

Maybe I’ve seen too many films that analyze the pressure of survival and psychology. When I see Sophie Marceau’s face showing seven emotions and six desires from time to time, I can’t help but want to apply Faye Wong’s Lyrics: always on the edge of love and pain, I even have the illusion of an alternative Qiongyao version, just a different performance.

The French are like this. Sometimes they like to exaggerate and make a mountain out of a molehill. In the end, I still woke up after clearing away the misty ethnic and cultural background. Debussy is French. As soon as I heard his Sonata, I was paralyzed and my heart fluctuated. I was half dead with fear, and there was only a hissing breath in my mouth. But when the last note was settled, I calmed down and looked around. When I found that the world was still good, not even changed at all, I immediately felt at ease.

At the end, there was a shocking scene. The man wearing white gloves grabbed the woman’s hair from behind and knocked her head against both sides of the door, once, twice The desperate eyes of men and women. In a man’s childhood, he witnessed his father drowning in the river with his mother because of jealousy; In a woman’s childhood, she often saw her mother abused and beaten by her father. Because it is the outcome of a premonition, it seems that there is still no decadence and loneliness like a reinforced forest in my bones, but I think it is a bit rough. Maybe it was taken too early. 1989 is more or less out of place now.

Watching French movies, I always feel that French women are really good, beautiful, smart and strong, while French men are sensitive and worried about their fragile self. I really don’t know what’s wrong with them. No wonder Sophie Marceau threw the bouquet back freely in the advertisement of Champs Elysees, and the portishead sounded like a sad voice:

give me a reason to love you

give me a reason to be , a woman


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