Sex & Nudity

There are several rape and sexually aggressive scenes.
There are a few shots of topless women and one of a naked woman, but that shot is very dark, and not graphic. But there are many scenes of aggressive sex and rape.
There is a shot of full frontal male nudity where the male genitals could be clearly seen.


There is quite a lot of swearing.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Nearly all of the characters smoke. One warns against the health risk. In the beginning of the film, it is suggested that two characters are high and are smoking cannabis.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

There are several rape and sexually aggressive scenes.

Film review:Translated by

Some people say that in fact, the characters in Mike Lee’s films have one thing in common, that is, they either can’t give love or can’t accept love, and the director’s focus is to record their loveless state. I don’t think it’s the same in Li’s other works, but it’s more appropriate to describe Johnny, the protagonist of naked. Johnny is not the porcupine with improper distance and good intentions to do bad things from time to time, but a cynic who is armed and repels the outside world from thinking to behavior. The success of the video is largely due to such a role. David huris’s selfless interpretation finally won the best actor award at the Cannes Film Festival.

Johnny is a cultural man. He has his own difficulties. He lives on the streets. We call him “pursuit” in the tone of a cultural man. Outwardly, in his 20s, he has a face that looks like he is in his 40s; Psychologically, less than 30 is as decadent as a dead man. Driven by his unique philosophy of life, he gave birth to complicated and confusing actions. His personal view was that the future was not important, because the specific anxiety held by at the end of the century lingered, so everything seemed to Johnny to be in vain. Johnny in the video used his eloquence to watch at midnight, peddling his philosophy and talking nonsense to the poster poster poster, but none of the audience could understand him, let alone agree with him. Mike Lee said in the interview that Johnny was actually an idealist. Once an idealist is counterattacked and overwhelmed by reality, he will inevitably be swallowed up by frustration.

It is not difficult to find that the overall architecture of video is similar to road film, and it is an odyssey process to integrate into the specific context of video. The difference is that Odysseus has found his way home, while Johnny’s journey from escaping frustration is endless. Johnny’s wandering on the streets of London also brought out a variety of people. The editor and director abstracted these people in London from the real society, gave them great abstraction and referential significance, wrote the current situation of modern society with allegorical style, examined the relationship between people with profound eyes, and gave them a bitter taste from beginning to end. Without any sign of warmth, even the call of “going home” for the return of human nature finally ended. The past cannot be turned back, and the dying heart cannot be revived.

Perhaps the tone of the video is mostly painted night color, and those lonely figures become more and more prominent. Urbanites wrap themselves in bright coats during the day, but they never expect to show their true colors on a bleak night. Loneliness is a virus that spreads wantonly and looks for its next host. Most of the characters in naked are sick. They are all lonely boats in the sea. They can’t get comfort, help or find a way out. Accompanied men and women play cat and mouse games. When separated, chase and go around; When we get together, we are separated from each other with a gesture of resistance. The relationship between men and women is to maintain a delicate and strange balance. The unaccompanied man stood at the window and imagined the future, but he didn’t feel the fierce passage of reality between his fingers. Unaccompanied women cling to empty houses, and the tragedy of old age marks the mark washed by time. Only when a man appears as a tyrant in the love of his bed can he prove his existence and authority. In contrast, two of these women act like humble beggars, craving and relying on men’s compassion.

Similar to London depicted in “rainstorm is coming”, as an international metropolis, it has strong material support, but it can not bring people a sense of security. In “the storm is coming”, London, as a relatively developed and civilized symbol, uses its open chest to hide the killing and tyranny, endows a false security, makes people relax their vigilance in a peaceful atmosphere, and finally can’t withstand the sudden violence. The violence in “naked” is also beyond people’s control. Johnny was hit at the end of the video, but the director deliberately moved the camera away from the scene to keep the viewer away from the truth. Perhaps there is no truth at all. Because there is no reason for pure violence, it will burn all other people who walk like a poisonous sun. Without exception, there will be no innocent people. This is the more violent and terrible way of existence. Similarly, there is a man in naked. The director intervened in Johnny’s violence through parallel editing, which is the most symbolic role in the video. His appearance is like falling from the sky, and his image is also a tyrant. When women are tempted by him, they not only can’t refuse him, but also obey his orders. Those who are a little tough are helpless. In front of Johnny, a man with the same hobby, he is much taller and stronger, just like a demon.

Naked is like a cold ghost, trying to put out the only glimmer of fire in people’s hearts. What will people have left at that time? Some people call it Mike Lee’s greatest work because it is ruthless, profound and inextricable. Different people have different opinions on whether it is the greatest or not. However, it is necessary to look forward to Director Li’s “another year” this year.


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