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Naked sleep Asian sex doll

Naked sleep for most people, the most intuitive feeling only one word: cool.

First of all, sleeping naked can improve people’s sleep quality to some extent.

Because skin is our body’s most important organ of heat dissipation, has the role of temperature regulation. Under our own control, our body torso sex doll temperature naturally drops after we fall asleep. If you sleep in pajamas, it can affect your skin’s perception of ambient temperature and prevent you from losing heat.

Secondly, sleeping naked can make our skin better.

This is because there are a large number of hair follicles, sebaceous glands, sweat glands and other skin accessories on the human skin, which can secrete sebum and sweat. Naked sleeping is conducive to normal skin secretion and excretion, plush sex doll and can also directly expose the skin to relatively low temperature, enhance local blood flow and promote local skin metabolism.

Finally, there’s an unexpected benefit to sleeping naked.

If you sleep in your pajamas, the barrier of clothing can interfere with the natural cooling of the body, preventing the body from enjoying quality sleep and increasing cortisol levels. When we wake up the next day, we tend to eat more and move less.

That said, sleeping naked could theoretically help you lose weight. Of course, this is only in theory. After all, there are tons of reasons tpe sex doll to be fat, and it’s not because you didn’t sleep naked that you’re fat.

Someone can ask: naked sleep can because bed sheet quilt cover is not clean, and the body becomes dirty catch a disease? Slut year, you think too much.

Normal healthy skin has a strong enough barrier defense system, not so easily infected skin diseases. Just pay attention to sleep hygiene and prevent problems like scabies or mosquito bites.

Also, when your skin is cool and dry, gay sex doll it produces less sebum and sweat and is not as dirty as you might think.

In addition to the elderly with atopic dermatitis (mites make allergies worse) or cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure and coronary heart disease (caused by excessive temperature fluctuations). Normal people sex doll inventor do not have to worry about naked sleeping health problems, especially skin diseases.

But if you had to find some bad things about sleeping naked, here’s one.

Research shows that direct skin-to-skin contact increases oxytocin production and production.

Oxytocin, also known as the “hormone of love,” who invented sex doll makes you more sensitive to your partner’s touch, increasing feelings of trust and closeness.
Thus resulting in insufficient sleep at night, affecting the next day’s work and learning state.

That’s probably the biggest problem who made the sex doll when you’re both sleeping naked. Of course, if you’re alone, forget it.



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