Nelly and Monsieur Arnaud

Nelly and Monsieur Arnaud is about two delicate and civilized people placing great value on their status quo, yet find it leaves them lonely.

The respect and appreciation is mutual and the affection which transcends from initial curiosity and fascination to friendship and love, profound. I find it adorable, for lack of a better word, when Arnaud accused Nelly of slack and indifference and the two got into a heated fight, both froze at the outburst “Go grab yourself a man and get screwed!” The inappropriateness reassured Nelly at that instant that she was not with a yelling and unreasonable man but one completely smitten with her. With grace and ever so gently she said, “I won’t come tomorrow, see you the day after tomorrow”. The reply was a calm and gentle “ok”.

This film is about two people who understand and care for each other, but are not fortunate enough to have time on their side. It must be cliched to say, this film leads me to think love and friendship being more profound than sex and sometimes we are lonelier than we know.


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