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Never Tried With A Japanese Mini Sex Doll Girl

Tonight, I introduce my Japanese Mini Sex Dolls to a few friends. At 8 pm, they disembarked with their bottles in hand. Dolly immediately triggered hysterics: “Wow, what is this ?!”, «Can I touch it?” Great job! Some people are still startled: “It’s creepy. I don’t like that thing.” “Can I play with it? Anahi asked me. She has been modeling herself all night, kissing her and touching her chest.” I Never tried with a Japanese Mini Sex Doll girl! I tried to control the situation, but Dolly excited the atmosphere. Thomas was hotter than everyone else, fiddled with him in various positions, fumbled for his holes, and slapped him. I finally stopped the enthusiasm of my friends before I started to brawl: “Enough, that’s my doll! My apartment is empty. I’m with Dolly again. It’s too late, I drink too much. I Look at her, she looks at me. Finally, I believe. Her wig is crooked, but still beautiful. If … the next morning, my head is heavy. I lay stretched in bed. Cold contact all at once Wake me up. Dolly is next to me! What did I do last night? It was cold with a strong plastic smell.



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