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People with disabilities also have sexual desire

You know? In the total population of the world, about 15% of people have some form of disability, and 2% to 4% of them face severe functional disorders.

According to estimates by the World Health Organization (WHO), there are about one billion people with disabilities worldwide. 80% of them live in developing countries. The reason for the increase in the global estimate of disability is the ageing population and the rapid spread of chronic diseases, as well as the improvement of methods of measuring disability.

In the coming years, according to the United Nations Development Plan, disability problems will even increase. Due to physical problems, more and more elderly people will not be able to work. This is just one of the reasons for increasing inefficiency worldwide.

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The increase in age affects people’s bodies and weakens their abilities in various ways. But there are also other reasons, such as hunger and lack of health care, especially in developing countries, which lead to an increase in diseases and disabilities. Many wars around the world have led to terrible consequences, especially children suffering from these consequences. Due to violent conflicts, three quarters of young people are affected by health restrictions.

Many people cannot afford adequate medical costs. Their poor health is usually caused by insufficient food, inadequate medication, and low hygiene standards. A low level of education usually leads to poor working conditions, especially if a person has suffered some form of disability. It is often difficult to get rid of this situation and get better care and help.

Many people often ignore the fact that people with disabilities also want to enjoy a good sex life. These thoughts lead to the unfortunate fact that disabled people are usually unattractive and worthless compared to healthy people, because they are not suitable for the idealized situation of our modern society. They are exposed to many prejudices, and these prejudices are often very disrespectful. Unfortunately, these people hear phrases like “their satisfaction and sexual satisfaction are overestimated”, “they don’t have any” real “sex” or people with disabilities shouldn’t have children.

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All the time. People ignore and avoid the fact that people with disabilities, especially men, also have sexual desire. Although highly skilled people tend to care for disabled people, they usually focus only on their own health, but their sexual needs are often a real taboo.

Sex can have a big impact on people with physical disabilities. Mental balance, self-esteem and pure happiness support their condition and make them feel “different” or disabled. If you are unable to engage in sexual activities due to physical problems, a conversation with a special doctor can help the person concerned. Even with sexual dysfunction, people have many areas of sexual desire. People with disabilities can still enjoy touch and excitement in different ways.

Nowadays, love dolls are more popular than ever and possibly the best way to achieve sexual satisfaction. They are more realistic than ever and people with disabilities can put everything aside and enjoy the feeling of having sex with beautiful women.



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