This movie contains full nudity of man and woman. The description below is for the NC-17 version. The R rated version is obviously not as graphic as what you are about to read.
Marie takes out Pauls flaccid penis and puts it into her mouth and starts to suck its top but Paul stops her.
Marie gets up from her bed and she is naked. Her breasts and some pubic hairs are visible.
Paolo kisses Marie in the car and presses her breasts the top of her dress and later it is implied (not shown) that he fingers her.

Marie is lying naked on a bed with Paolo who is putting a condom on his erect penis and strokes it. Later Marie uses both of her hands to stroke it. Paolo then has an orgasm and ejaculates semen from the foreskin of his erect penis (visible).
Marie masturbates while crying.
Marie sleeps naked with Paul.

Professor engages in S&M with Marie. He cuts her panties in the centre and then enters his fingers in her vagina and when they come out, her cum is on them.
Marie strokes Pauls limp penis and then rides him before he throws her off.
A child is shown to be coming out of a pregnant womans vagina.

Paolo gets on top of her and kisses her breasts. Later she turns over and her buttocks are visible. He asks her if he can have anal sex but she refuses. He then puts his penis in her vagina from behind and thrusts. He is implied to be spreading her butt cheeks to have smoother intercourse. He humps her hard making her whole body and the bed shake. He puts his hand under her vagina to fondle her while he is humping her from behind.
Marie is with the Professor. She is standing against a wall and he fingers her vagina. He makes her walk and takes her in front of a mirror to make her watch herself as her bushy vagina is visible. He then gags her and ties her to a window with a rope. He ties rope all over her including over her vaginal lips.

Marie is alone walking through a street and climbing stairs when she meets a man who tells her that for 100 Francs, I can eat your pussy. It is implied that she agrees and later she is shown to be sitting on the stairs with her legs spread and it is implied that the man is performing cunnilingus. He then forces her to turnaround and makes her assume doggie style position. He then penetrates her and humps her hard and rough making her cry.
As part of pregnancy test, many doctors put their fingers in Maries vagina with others present. Marie looks at her own vagina in mirror and imagines a brothel where several women are sleeping through a partition which separates their upper body from lower body. Their vaginas are visible to many man on the other side who cant see their face. Men are shown naked and stroking their erect penises and then penetrating different women.

Film review:Translated by

At 4 a.m., watching romance. A feminist film I’ve heard of for a long time. No Chinese subtitles, pure English, cold sex, slightly bloody. Lucky to see the true face, it is a bit awe inspiring, not like an erotic film.

When I know that the director of the film is a woman, it seems that all the questions about expression are relieved. French woman Mary was played by rookie Caroline duchet, who was only 22 at that time. Mary is a young and beautiful primary school teacher (I don’t know why even AV likes to use teachers for pornography, which is probably a rebellion against the dignity of teachers). She has a handsome cohabiting boyfriend Paul, who is a male model. At the beginning of the film, it was a show of Paul. Mary was waiting for him, and then we saw their house. It was very clean. Mary began to show off her body, a thin woman from the heart, but with sexual temptation in her bones. But Paul refused to have sex with her. Mary began to doubt love for this. But he said she loved her and just didn’t want to have sex. He can’t explain why. Almost every day, they sleep together like a couple, that’s all. It has to be said that the eastern and western people have different ideas. If Mary is in China, it is every man’s dream. If Paul had a Chinese girlfriend, he probably wouldn’t be as “annoying” as Mary. At the end of the film, when Mary had a gynecological examination, she also mentioned the Chinese people, which was really ironic.

Mary has a stronger and stronger sense of frustration because of his refusal. The loneliness caused by the desolation of her body makes her depressed. Paul’s soul and body were inaccessible to her. She tried to arouse his instinct in various ways. She failed and burst into tears.

They still eat together, go to the bar together and dance in the bar. Paul’s dance is full of sexual provocation. Because he is a man and a woman is his prey. Although he doesn’t want to eat, he still wants to hunt. Mary is even more unhappy.

Mary’s infidelity is inevitable, no matter what her purpose and mentality is. One night stand, violence, and her romantic headmaster… She got pleasure, and the sense reached her heart unconsciously. Maybe she didn’t even realize it. Therefore, people are very strange animals. While we try our best to hide the low-level sensory lust, we often lose to it. We can’t extricate ourselves from it so easily. There are so many such examples and films.

Then Mary really had sex with Paul for a short time. This sex was not premeditated. It was like Paul’s charity, Mary’s vent and the outbreak of spiritual discontent. She’s pregnant. And Paul doesn’t feel like a father. She was about to give birth. He slept to death. She was angry. She called the headmaster to accompany her and turned on the gas

It’s real and scary to see a woman giving birth from the vagina. Although it doesn’t have a great impact on me, I still feel a little cold. I don’t know what the director’s intention is. All the real, blind, sad sex is over. Mary appeared as a determined mother and Paul died.

Director – Catherine brea is a woman, a writer and an actor. She has a small role in the last tango in Paris. Because of this shocking and acclaimed film, she has become a representative of the “new women’s film”. The sex she expresses is naturally different from that expressed by the male director. She is the soul and flesh that a woman caresses herself in front of the mirror. Like all French art films, this film does not shy away from showing a woman’s whole sexual journey. Like a woman’s anxious howl from her inner desire.

When I watch this movie, I always feel cold and piercing. A mature and independent woman declares war on the outside world with sex as a weapon. She carried out her inner monologue and self analysis in a calm tone. The deep level is: a woman’s growth process, use sex to grow! With the help of physical and sexual autonomy, she gained the right to control life step by step. Finally, she won. Feel the essence of feminism in the late 1960s – my body, I decide!

The director is very much like Zhang Ailing of France. At the age of 17, she published her maiden work “men who like ease”, a novel with a little Chen Ran’s style. Feminism marks serious, self caressing writing. But when they are not really mature, their hearts have begun to be disappointed, disappointed in men, and embarked on the road of rebellion.

The film has a bony sexy, just like Mary’s body. Refuse to look at women in the eyes of men. Women are the first person narrators. Everything starts from women’s own feelings. The camera is aimed at the woman’s original desire, not the man’s gaze at the woman. She acts as a guide. She guides men to understand women’s desires and wander into the depths of women’s thoughts. But the way she guided was so cruel and real. She just wanted to tell men that women’s real desires are not men’s sexual fantasies. And after crazy sex, becoming a mother is another part of women’s persistent original desire?

Unfortunately, this is a film that men don’t want to see and women don’t want to see. It can only satisfy me as a pornographer!


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