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Saving your sex love dolls

 To be honest, there is no perfect way to store your love doll. How you store your doll depends on your convenience. Some people have enough space under their bed and would prefer to put their doll right back in the box and slide under. Others like to hang the love dolls vertically in their closet. This blog section gives you an idea of ​​how to store your doll vertically and costs less than $10.

One way to store your love doll vertically is to simply buy it with an i-bolt and hang it on the closet rod. An example of the doll hanging vertically from the bar can be seen below:

When storing your love or sex doll, it is advisable to cover the doll with the protective, soft cloth blanket that comes with the doll. If you want, you can also buy a clear or white plastic cover that is used to wear wedding dresses or suits over the body. Avoid black or dark

covers as these can discolour your love doll. You can wrap the head or cover it with the white pouch that comes with the doll.

There are different types of bolts that fit your doll’s neck, from I-bolts to hooks, etc. You can use a combination of hooks, bolts, and chains to customize your doll’s suspension. Below is an example of some bolts and hooks to hang our love dolls.

Busty doll

You can buy these screws, hooks and chains at your local hardware store or if you prefer you can buy them online. We recommend that you take the collar screw to the hardware store and they find the right size for you.

When storing your lifelike sex dolls vertically, ensure that the feet are on the floor and we recommend that you do not hang the doll freely by the neck. Although we felt that hanging the love doll freely could not damage the neck, over time this can cause stress on the neck, which can cause the metal skeleton to deform. Keeping your doll with its feet in contact with the ground allows you to distribute forces more evenly along the doll and is less likely to deform the doll’s skeleton.

Some people also find it more convincing to dress the doll while standing. If you support your love doll upright by the neck, you can pull up her pants much more easily.

Use sofa to store sex doll

Sex Doll Storage Box – Couch, hide your doll discreetly! You want to hide your little secret when you have someone in your home. You need a sex doll storage idea. Apparently you don’t want others to know that you have a beautiful sexy doll in your room, they would be jealous of you or jealous of the dolls because the lucky Love Dolls is obsessed with you. how can you do that

oudoll】 now has a solution for you. We offer this high quality sex doll storage box – a couch with a key and lock. With its trendy, minimalist design, it is filigree and adapts seamlessly to any location. You will never find it odd or mismatched with your home.

real love dolls

This piece of furniture is affordable and functional without sacrificing the sexy look. Look at that, it’s not very different from this high quality piece of furniture. Even when you’re not using your doll for storage, it’s still a perfect piece for storing items and keeping them from cluttering up.

what’s more We make the couch according to your wishes and adapt it perfectly to your doll. All you have to do is tell us your loved one’s height and their bust and butt size. Then we’ll make one for her to sleep on. If you have any special requests, like some pockets to stash your accessories in, let us know. We will try our best to meet your needs. Please note that we do not have a soft foam cutout to fit your doll as we do not carry your doll with us. We cannot produce foam that fits seamlessly. However, we will produce a soft environment to make sure she is comfortable in it.

Visit this page for our customized sex doll storage box – couch, choose one for your precious doll to sleep in!

There are many ways to store your doll. However, this is an idea on how to store your doll if you prefer to hang it vertically without breaking your bench.



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