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Sex doll experience has appeared festival event held days

“In the last week I have received several consulting orders, all of which want to open an adventure hall.” Zhang Yi, head of an adult sex doll in Guangzhou, also revealed to Pencil Road that business at his factory has become more lively with the establishment of adult experience pavilions across the country.

“She’s gone a whole lot more than lifelike sex dolls.” He complained. Zhang Yi revealed that less than 10 percent of the factory’s products have been sold to domestic users in the past. “It used to be sold domestically three or four hundred pieces a month, but now it’s about 2,000.”And from the data released by Taobao, in the “erotic lingerie” a product sales statement, 70% of female customers to buy, and in other erotic pleasure tools, the number of female orders is also very large, showing that women are gradually surpassing men, becoming the main force of consumption in the adult products industry.

For some “inexplicable” reason, sales of adult love dolls have exploded. “It’s quite surprising to me, it’s a bit heavy, but it’s no different than real people.” “Not only can it solve men’s physical needs, it’s not illegal, and you can make money from it.” “After the quiet rise of the adult experience, we’ve seen an increase in sales at the adult doll factory.”

And among the many adult products, condoms are undoubtedly one of the sex doll subcategories. According to statistics from the Family Planning Commission, the production of condoms in China has increased from 1.2 billion to 4.7 billion in the past 10 years, a four-fold increase that shows that condom use is quite acceptable in the country.



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