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sex doll funny meme The future of the sex doll market is richly painted

Lock niche areas to score a single love doll. The industry lacks a relatively iconic brand to lead the direction are in the red sea of ​​e-commerce spend a lot of money to do marketing and promotion play, brush single brush traffic, so it is difficult to become the leading brand to produce. In this regard, entrepreneurs may want to grab a point, plow deep into niche areas to achieve a single point of breakthrough.

Establish an active community, improve user experience. The most important thing when it comes to sex toys is the user experience, which is not easy to achieve in traditional online e-commerce. But an active user community can solve the problem of user experience, for example, users can discuss, chat and make friends on gender issues, and also can buy products such as erotic lingerie, vibrators and condoms in the built-in “Male Sex Doll Mall”. The community is constantly updated with highly interesting content, which helps retain users and improve the user experience of the products.

With China’s rapid economic lifelike sex dolls, people’s living standards have improved and they have started to focus on improving the quality of life. Along with the third population peak in youth and marriage, the shrinking of the family and the generally late marriage and birth of children, more private space and time was created for both sexes. With the rapid rise of e-commerce and the expansion of new adult categories, China’s adult entertainment e-commerce industry has experienced a surge in growth, ushering in a $100 billion market.

China’s erotic products market surpassed 100 billion in 2019 and still has more room for growth, and the factor supporting its stable development is demand from a wide range of social groups. The data shows that different age groups in China have a demand for erotic products, especially the young and middle-aged group, which has become the main force of consumption. In addition, the consumption demand of the male group aged 45 and older is also of great importance.

Changing the concept and improving the lifestyle for the future of the sex doll market rich imagination. As young people enter society and become the main driver of consumption, sex toy acceptance in this group has exceeded 93%, and national healthcare spending is also showing growth. With the rapid elimination of the “social concept of bondage” in the industry, the market may gradually return to the path of benign development and enter a high-speed growth period.



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