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Sex Doll Story And Lifelike MINI SEX DOLL Function

Most plump dolls are tailor-made because they represent the different ideas of other users. This is just the basic requirements for your face and body to be beautiful, as well as different types of breasts, pupil colors, and when to install lower hair. In addition to the appearance, realistic MINI SEX DOLLs will also be decorated, from the Jiaxin car model to the round red net, the name and personality will match. The only thing in common is that they have no bristles, and of course no pores or scars. The feet are mostly small and blunt.

For the factory, the first activity is to check whether everyone needs a good partner. However, gradually, people discovered that silicone dolls that originally had sexual functions did not just exist as sex products. In addition to sexual function, more and more people are beginning to consider their emotional and psychological needs. European and American factories have also developed simulation dolls with body temperature and dialogue functions. Recently, many foreign media have reported such news: “Chinese MINI SEX DOLL robot: you need to discuss with her, she can help you wash the dishes.” He usually combs the cherry blossoms, buys clothes, and puts on underwear after taking a shower. He feels that his home position is not high. “The kids reject me

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His wife died of cancer two years ago. He felt that he was in trouble when he got married and worried that no one was a child. He will adapt the doll to the image of his wife. They live like ordinary couples. At home, he danced with his wife, and now jumped into the living room with a few pounds of WM doll. When the baby’s hands and feet are released, it will be very sad. From there I can really feel that the doll is already a real companion. Despite these prosthetic lines, it is just a sex toy without emotion.

“Whenever I go home and look forward to my wife and daughter at home, even if I rent a house, there will be a kind of warmth. When we eat together, my wife will quietly listen to me talking about my problems and interesting things. I am never impatient. , Always showing a warm smile.” “I will dress her up carefully, I will not worry about being betrayed. Do it to me without hesitation.” Sharp remarks from friends.

In Japan, more and more men live with mini MINI SEX DOLLs, and some even marry with dolls. Ozaki Yuki, a 45-year-old physical therapist, said that he fell in love when he first saw Susan by the window. He bought it and brought it back to Tokyo. His wife was very opposed at first, but she was used to it. After the daughter became sensible, she was disgusted when she learned that she knew the true purpose of the doll, but now she can wear clothes with the doll.

Another 62-year-old Chiji Nakajima said while bathing the doll: People only ask themselves what they want, such as money or promises. But every time I go back to my Saori, I feel very happy. It always makes me very comfortable. For me, this is a personal course.

In today’s intelligent world, people are becoming more and more isolated. They keep inventing new ways to comfort themselves. Even silicone dolls have become smarter. They learn to smile and use Baidu’s answers to comfort their masters. . So Tu Ku found a manufacturer of silicone simulation dolls-www.rabu-doll.com.

www.rabu-doll.com has developed a basic model from which each user can choose: dolls have their own background and attributes, and support the settings of each work. From Jiaxin car model to Yuanyuanhong.com, there is no need to add WeChat. You don’t have to work hard to create themes. You can match the perfect girl in your mind. Different heads of different shapes can be combined, and even the colors of pupils and wigs can be selected.  https://www.rabudo-ru.com/sex-doll-story-and-lifelike-sex-doll-function/



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