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Sex dolls are based on the study of different body types

With the 80, 90 young group into society, become the main force of consumption, they generally accept modern education, focus on personal happiness, love dolls acceptance of sex toys has exceeded 93%. The rapid elimination of the industry “social concept of bondage”, the market will gradually return to the track of benign development, began to enter a high-speed growth period.

Finally, in 1993, 31 years after its establishment, the “Adam and Eve Health Center” store opened on Zhao Dengyu Road in Beijing, the earliest male sex doll store in China. Since then, China’s adult products industry has started to develop. Time flies and it’s been 23 years. Today, with the development of the Internet, the advancement of technology and the gradual liberalization of people’s mentality, the domestic adult products industry has also undergone rapid development.

Online is still the main sales channel, offline attempts have never stopped, and the community form of operating products users to create a positive lifelike sex doll culture may also be affected. Observation of the new third board listed four erotic goods company financial report can be found, selling expenses, management expenses accounted for a high proportion of operating income, the last three years, although the company’s net profit has increased, but losses are still the norm.

The greater the demand for sex doll products, the higher the expectations for the quality and design of the products. Shibboleth knows full well that the quality and design of the products are the decisive factors for the popularity of adult products. Therefore, Shibu adult products insist on using raw materials that are harmless to the human body to manufacture products, and have quality inspection reports for Shibu brand products to guarantee the quality of all Shibu products.

Based on researching different body types, Shibu designs adult products to provide consumers with more diverse choices. At the same time, Shibu adult products are also very careful in terms of processing, Shibu’s products are smooth and easy to clean the surface, fine workmanship, there will be no dead ends of cleaning, will not give bacteria no opportunity to reproduce!



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